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wrinkles forehead, Draws back scalp, wrinkles forehead, raises eyebrows

Zygomaticus Major

raises corner of mouth, smiling muscle, raises corners of mouth upwards

Orbicularis oculi

closes eye


compresses cheek, compresses cheek, allowing for rapid changes in volume of mouth cavity


chewing, a large muscle that raises the lower jaw and is used in chewing

Orbicularis oris

closes mouth, Closes and protrudes lips; used in whistling and forming many letters during speech; the "kissing muscle"


turns head, flexes neck; rotates head


abducts arm, Shoulder muscle that causes shoulder abduction


raises shoulder, muscle that allows you to shrug your shoulders or extend your head

Pectoralis major

flexes shoulder, Chest muscle that causes shoulder flexion, adduction and horizontal adduction

Pectoralis minor

draws scapula forward, a skeletal muscle that draws down the scapula or raises the ribs

Serratus anterior

draws scapula forward, pulls scapula downward and forward

Rectus abdominis

flexes abdomen, Sit-up muscle. Medial trunk muscle from the pubis to the rib cage. Give abdomen a wash-board appearance. Flexes vertebral column. Compresses abdomen.

External oblique

rotates trunk, compresses abdominal wall, laterally rotates trunk

Internal oblique

rotates trunk, compresses abdominal wall, laterally rotates trunk

Transversus abdominus

compress abdomen, compresses abdominal contents (deepest layer)

Latissmus dorsi

extends shoulder, extends the shoulders and adducs the arm,swimmers muscle


abduct humerus, Abduct the shoulder, stabilize head of humerus in glenoid cavity


lateral roation humerus, Laterally rotates shoulder; stabilizes the head of the humerus in glenoid cavity; one of the "rotator cuff" muscles


medial rotation humerus, medial rotation of humerous

Teres minor

lateral rotation humerus, Laterally rotates arm; one of the "rotator cuff" muscles

Teres major

medial rotation humerus, extends, medially rotates and adducts humerus

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