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What is THE most important day that you should be in attendance in your classes? (Hint: the day that the professor goes over the syllabus)
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A grade of "C" or better must be earned in all courses transferred to Baylor; this coursework does not alter the Baylor grade point average
-No course at or above the "3000" level may be taken at a community/junior college, and no community/junior college course will be evaluated as an advanced course
-Course credit will not be given for courses taken at other colleges or universities if a student is concurrently enrolled during that same term at Baylor University.
Know the Policies Specific to Coursework Transferred to Baylor Post-matriculation (specifically #1 and #5 in the catalog) (see pg. 31)-After matriculation (meaning after a student has enrolled at Baylor), a student may transfer a maximum of fifteen (15) semester hours to Baylor for degree credit. -Courses taken in residence may not be repeated at another school for degree creditWhat is the meaning of post-matriculation? (see bottom of pg. 31)-after a student has enrolled at BaylorWhat do the first number and second number mean in a Baylor course number (i.e., BUS 1201)? (see pg. 32)-1st: level (freshman, sophomore, etc) -2nd: semester credit hoursWhat are the possible grades you can earn at the end of the semester in your various classes? (see pg. 34)When should a grade of Incomplete be given to a student? (see pg. 34 - first two sentences in paragraph)-Incompletes should be used when unforeseen circumstances arise that prohibit students from completing assignments and/or exams toward the end of the semester. Incompletes typically occur because of an excused absence from the final examination or permission for extension of time to submit a report or term paper.Students may repeat a course if they earn a _____ or lower grade. (this is not correct in the catalog right now on pg. 35, so please look at the Grade Points on pg. 34 - the answer is any grade that gives you less than a 2.0 grade point)- the answer is any grade that gives you less than a 2.0 grade point (below a C)What GPA must you earn in a semester to make the "Dean's List"? (see pg. 35 - Deans' Academic Honor List)-3.7When may an academic warning be reported and for what? (see pg. 36 - first sentence in paragraph)- An Academic Warning may be reported beginning during the sixth week of the semester to a student with low grades, missing tests or assignments, and/or irregular class attendance.What is a minor? (see pg. 38)- A student may elect a minor consisting of a minimum of eighteen semester hours in a designated area of studyWho is the Dean of the Business School? (see pg. 134)- Terry S. ManessWhat minimum GPA is needed to take ACC 2303, ACC 2304, ECO 2306, ECO 2307, QBA 2302, and QBA 2305 at Baylor (see pg. 337 - look at prerequisite for courses)?-2.5What grade will a student receive if they drop a course beginning the 13th class day through the 50th class day? (see pg. 13 - January 28)-W (withdraw)What is the minimum GPA you must earn in a semester (term) to not be placed on academic probation? (see pg. 36)-2.0What is academic dismissal? (see pg. 37)-If after being reinstated following a second suspension a student fails to achieve a 2.0 or higher term GPA, he or she will be considered for dismissal from Baylor UniversityWhat is the main type of communication that the Baylor University offices will use to communicate with students, therefore, you must check it daily? (see Week One PPT)-Baylor emailWhat is the name of the service that Baylor provides where they will text you if an emergency happens on campus? How do you register for the service? (see Week One PPT)-Baylor Alert @ Baylor.edu/emergencyWhat classes must be completed, what GPA must be earned, and how many Baylor credit hours must be earned by the end of your first two semesters in the BBA degree in order for you to not have to change out of the BBA degree (see pg. 152, Requirements for the BBA Degree or Week Three PPT)?-BUS 1101, BUS 1201 and MIS 1305-three of the following four courses: ENG 1302, ENG 1304 or 3300, MTH 1308 or 1320 and MTH 1309 or 1321. 24 hours. 2.5 GPAWhat minimum grade must be earned in MTH 1308 or MTH 1320 in order to go on to MTH 1309 or MTH 1321 (see pg. 152, Requirements for the BBA Degree or Week Three PPT)?- "C"What minimum grade must be earned in BUS 1101, BUS 1201, and MIS 1305 by the end of your first two semesters in the BBA degree in order for you to not have to change out of the BBA degree (see pg. 152, Requirements for the BBA Degree or Week Three PPT)?- "C"What is the course retake and attendance policy in the Business School (see pg. 153, third paragraph under Course Repetition or Week Three PPT)?- A Pre-business student may repeat ENG 1302, ENG 1304 or 3300, MTH 1308 or 1320, MTH 1309 or 1321, and the lower core business courses only once, and repeat no more that two of these courses to continue in the BBA degree program. Students failing any of these courses due to the attendance policy may be required to change degree programsWhat minimum grade must be earned in ENG 1302, ENG 1304 or 3300, and MTH 1309 or 1321 in order to continue in the BBA degree (see pg. 152, Requirements for the BBA Degree or Week Three PPT)? (Hint: you may still have to retake the course to improve your overall GPA, but no retakes necessary otherwise)- "D-"What is the minimum GPA needed, minimum number of credit hours needed, and what courses must be completed to be admitted to the Business School at the beginning of your junior year (see pg. 152 - Admission to the Hankamer School of Business or Week Three PPT)?-GPA: 2.5 -Hours:60 -Courses: MTH 1309/1321, ENG 1302, ENG 1304/3300, BUS 1201, BUS 1101, ACC 2303, ACC 2304, ECO 2306, ECO 2307, QBA 2302, QBA 2305What minimum grade must be earned in each lower core business class in order to be admitted to the Business School (see pg. 152 - Admission to the Hankamer School of Business or Week Three PPT)?-CWhat is FERPA? (Week Three PPT and Google it)-Family Educational Rights and Privacy ActWhere do you look to see where you go to be advised, if you have a registration hold, if your advising flag has been set, and print your degree audit? (see Week Three PPT and Week Nine Tip of the Day)Go to Bearweb - Student Academic Services tab - Advisement Menu - Advisement Contact InformationHow should you address a professor if you do not know if they have earned a doctorate? (see Week Five Tip of the Day)-ProfessorHow do you build your personal brand in college? (see Week Six PPT)-organizations, forums, internships, study abroad, volunteer, GPAWhat is the Equivalent Course Tool (ECT)? (see website and Week Six PPT)-see if a course is transferrable for creditWhat is the Equivalent Course Request (ECR)? (see website and Week Six PPT)-request for a course to be transferrable for creditCan a BBA student pick one of the minors in the Business School to add to their degree or can they only pick a minor outside of the Business School? (see Week Six PPT)-only outside the Business SchoolWhich Business School department offers a five year program where a student can earn a bachelors and masters degree in five years? (see Week Six PPT)-AccountingWhat is the "Big Lie"? (see Mitch Neubert's Week Seven PPT on Ethics)-unethical, illegal behavior to get fartherWhat is a "NO" sandwich? (see Mitch Neubert's Week Seven PPT on Ethics)-YES: Affirm the invitation/opportunity -NO: Refuse to participate AND say why -YES: Affirm the relationship for future conversationsKnow when to use the word "well" instead of "good". (Week Eight Tip of the Day-I am doing well.If you have _____ final exams on one day, you may ask one or your professors for an alternate day on which to take one of your exams. Where do you pick up the request form? (see pg. 33 and Week Ten assignment)-3 -106 HankamerKnow where to go to obtain an override for a business class and where to obtain an override for a non-business class (see Week Ten PPT)-undergraduate website..What word is commonly used as a filler in a spoken sentence, but is a habit that needs to be broken? (see Week Eleven Tip of the Day)-"like"What is the Career Profile section on your resume?Objective, overview, strengthsWhat is the airplane test?would you want to kill yourself by a personWhat did Ken Buckley say was the single most important social media site to join in order to enhance your job networking?linkedinWhat is CareerShift and what types of things can you find on it?job searches, find internships in your major, person searches, Baylor alumni contacts, different locations where you would like to workWhat should be your response every time to an invitation with an RSVP at the end? (see Week Twelve Tip of the Day)- Respond as politely and promptly as possible to the host whether you are accepting or declining the invitationOn your academic transcript, what does an "E" mean next to a course, and what does an "I" mean? (see Week Thirteen PPT)-E : course attempt excluded in GPA calculation -I: course attempt included in GPA calculationWhat happens if a student earns below a 2.0 GPA two semesters (terms) in a row? (see pg. 36 - Academic Suspension and Week Thirteen PPT)-Academic SuspensionFor what courses MUST you have earned credit prior to taking the capstone course, BUS 4385, in the Business School? (see pg. 379 and Week Thirteen PPT)- FIN 3310, MKT 3305, MGT 3305, and MGT 3325What does "put the paper on the porch" mean in how you should approach your daily job no matter how small the job may seem? (Dr. Dunn's lecture)-IDK maybe work at it as hard as you can, and do it the right way