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Cyrano Act V Quiz

How many years have passed since the fourth and fifth act?
15 years
Where does the fifth act take place?
a convent- the convent of the Ladies of the Holy Cross
What has Roxane become since the death of her husband?
She has become a nun at the convent.
Who is Roxane talking two in scene two of act V?What is said?
She is talking to de Guiche. She tells him that she is still faithful to Christian's memory and wears his last letter close to her heart. De Guiche asks if she has forgiven him, and she replies "I am here." She tells de Guiche that Cyrano comes to visit her every week, giving her a gazette to tell her all the news.
Who enters the scene when Roxane and de Guiche are talking? What did he say?
Le Bret- says that things are going bad for Cyrano- old, poor, and disliked among the nobles, and privately tells de Guiche that some are plotting to kill him. Le Bret agrees to try to keep him at home.
Who rushes into the scene when Le Bret and de Guiche are finished talking?
Ragueneau- appears to be very upset- Roxane leaves to talk with de Guiche. Le Bret and Ragueneau discuss the fact that Cyrano's skull has been crushed by a log of wood from underneath a high window and is barely alive. They hasten to his side.
After Le Bret and Ragueneau hasten to Cyrano's deathbead, where is Roxane?
She is sewing beneath an autumn tree, and a nun announces Cyrano's arrival
When Cyrano enters the scene to talk to Roxane, what happens?
He has a pleasant demeanor, although he is visibly ill, He only becomes solemn when he tells Roxane he must go before nightfall. Roxane protests, and she reminds him to tease the nuns. Cyrano stuns Sister Marthe when he tells her that she can pray for him that night at vespers. At the close of the visit, Cyrano tells Roxane the news, but he loses conciousness before he can finish.
What happens when Cyrano loses conciousness?
Roxane rushes to his side, and Cyrano comes to, asking Roxane if he can see the letter Christian wrote for her? Roxane replies and says that the letter is blood-stained and tear-stained and therefore hard to read. She gives him the letter, and he reads it remarkably well, as the letter is stained and it is dark out. She suddenly exclaims that she now knows it was Cyrano all along, only using Christian as a vessel. She asks him why he kept silent for so long, because those are his tears. Cyrano replies that the blood is Christian's.
After Roxane realizes the truth about Cyrano, what happens?
Le Bret and Ragueneau arrive, saying that Cyrano arrived at the convent in a physically weakened state. Cyrano replies that he has not finished his news or "gazette" yet, and says that Monsieur de Bergerac was murdered on Saturday the 26th, an hour before dinner, Cyrano reveals his bandages. Roxane exclaims that he cannot die, for Cyrano is the one she loved all along, and now she has to lose him twice.
What analogy does Rageneau present- comparing Christian to Moliere?
Moliere stole a scene of his for a play- and Christian took Cyrano's words- both worked well and were a hit- but they were not truly real.
What will Cyrano take to heaven with him? (that no one can take away from him)
my white plume
What does Cyrano do after he becomes delirious, right before his death?
He recites a jaunty poem about his life, He draws his sword and fights against invisible enemies: Lies, Prejudice, Cowardice, Stupidity, and Compromise.