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Lesson 5 word list and its definitions.

adequate (adj.)

Enough; sufficient.

administer (v.)

To manage or direct.

administer (v.)

To give out as treatment or assistance.

agitate (v.)

To disturb or upset.

agitate (v.)

To move with an irregular, fast, or violent action.

agitate (v.)

To stir up interest in and support for a cause.

capitulate (v.)

To give in; to surrender.

citrus (n.)

A fruit of the family that includes oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes.

citrus (n.)

A tree that produces these fruits.

citrus (adj.)

Of or relating to these fruits or trees.

disrupt (v.)

To break up the orderly course of.

disrupt (v.)

To interrupt; to bring to a temporary halt.

disruptive (adj.)

Causing confusion or disorder.

disruption (n.)

A disturbance that interrupts or causes confusion.

hovel (n.)

An unpleasant, cramped, and dilapidated place to live.

illiterate (adj.)

Unable to read or write.

illiteracy (n.)

Inability to read or write.

indifferent (adj.)

Not concerned about; not caring.

indifferent (adj.)

Neither very good nor very bad; passable.

menial (adj.)

Of or relating to low-level, humble work.

permanent (adj.)

Lasting or expected to last for a long time.

respite (n.)

A period of rest; a pause.

strenuous (adj.)

Needing much effort; using a lot of energy.

strenuous (adj.)

Very active; vigorous.

toil (v.)

To work long and hard.

toil (v.)

To make one's way with difficulty.

toil (n.)

Hard and tiring labor.

urgent (adj.)

Needing quick action or attention.

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