HMS-Call of Wild

Walker 7th grade Chapters 3/4
What finally drove Buck to attack Spitz?
Buck caught Spitz in the warm "nest" that he had created in the snow.
What made the dogs who invaded their camps so terrifying and fierce?
They were starving and looked like skeletons. If they didn't eat they would probably soon die. In essence they were fighting for their lives.
Describe the condition of the dogs after the fight had ended.
Joe had lost an eye and Dolly had a badly torn throat.
What did Perrault mean by having "madness break out among his dogs"?
He was referring to hydrophobia or rabies.
Why would the Thirty Mile River require six days of exhausting toil to cover?
It was wide open and crossing it meant a constant risk of falling through any ice which might exist in the quieter spots along the river.
What are two ways that Francois attended to the needs of Buck's tender feet.
Francois rubbed Buck's feet each evening and even made shoes for Buck from his own moccasins.
Why was Francois forced to kill Dolly?
Francois was forced to kill Dolly with an axe as she had gone mad and had started attacking Buck.
Why did Spitz decide that this was the time to attack Buck?
Spitz realized that Buck was exhausted after trying to escape Dolly and would be vulnerable in his weakened state. Fortunately, Francois drove off Spitz with his whip.
Why were the other dogs no longer afraid of Spitz?
They were no longer afraid of Spitz because Buck was beginning to compete with Spitz for leadership of the team. Buck even protected dogs who stole food from Spitz.
How has Buck changed since the beginning of the story?
increasingly aggressive behaviour displayed by Buck—the dog that had once been a quiet family pet.
Why did Francois state that they would now be able to make good time?
He felt that Spitz had initiated most of the problems with his aggressive behaviour. With him out of the way Buck had emerged as the obvious leader.
Why did the two men have such a difficult time when they tried to harness Buck to the sled?
Buck decided that he wanted to be the lead dog and he was also unwilling to come near the men as long as they had a club in their hand.
Why were they able to travel out faster on the Thirty Mile River as opposed to going in?
The river was now covered with ice and Buck was at the lead making the team work more efficiently.
Who was Buck's new owner?
He is part Scottish
How does the author define instincts?
He writes that they are "but the memories of his (Buck's) ancestors become habits".
hat load were they pulling on the sled?
They were carrying mail.
Why do you think the men attended to the dogs every night before thinking of themselves?
The good health of the dogs was essential if the sleds were to make good time. The men realized this and made sure that the dogs ate before they did and that the feet of the dogs were cared for every night.
Describe what happened to Dave.
He became inexplicably sick and was unable to pull the sled properly. Finally, he was shot by the Scot.
Do you think the dogs really understood what had happened behind the belt of river trees?
No,people who study animals often point out that we have a habit of conferring human feelings, actions, and reasoning on animals when in fact this isn't really the case.