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Fifth Grade Vocabulary Tier Two Word List 15


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Obsolete (adjective)
no longer produced or used; out of date
Obsolete (verb)
cause (a product or idea) to be or become obsolete by replacing it with something new
Exhibit (verb) (1)
publicly display (a work of art or item of interest) in an art gallery or museum or at a trade fair
Exhibit (verb) (2)
manifest or deliberately display (a quality or a type of behavior)
Exhibit (noun)
an object or collection of objects on public display in an art gallery or museum or at a trade fair
Applicable (adjective)
relevant or appropriate
Base (noun) (1)
the lowest part or edge of something, especially the part on which it rests or is supported
Base (noun) (2)
a conceptual structure or entity on which something draws or depends
Base (verb) (1)
have as the foundation for (something); use as a point from which (something) can develop
Base (verb) (2)
situate as the center of operations
Bass (noun) (1)
a voice, instrument, or sound of the lowest range, in particular
Bass (noun) (2)
the common European freshwater perch
Bland (adjective)
lacking strong features or characteristics and therefore uninteresting
Genial (adjective)
friendly and cheerful
Drastic (adjective)
likely to have a strong or far-reaching effect; radical and extreme
Anticipate (verb)
regard as probable; expect or predict
Glimpse (noun)
a momentary or partial view
Glimpse (verb)
see or perceive briefly or partially
Pioneer (noun)
a person who is among the first to explore or settle a new country or area
Pioneer (verb)
develop or be the first to use or apply (a new method, area of knowledge, or activity)