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A rabbit dewlap is under it's


Rabbits that get dewlaps?


the _______________ on a rabbit is the middle of the back


Top of lower back near the rabbit's rump


Bottom of Rear feet.


Side of Rabbit near the middle


The knee, the second joint of the hind leg which connects the thigh to the leg


What is the word for a minor (small) imperfection, such as hutch stains?

Disqualification. (DQ)

What is the word for a major imperfection, such as wrong eye color, or missing toes?


An upper respiratory disease, like a bad cold. It's a bacterial infection that causes sneezing and mucus discharge from the nose of a rabbit

buck (wolf) teeth

An Improper alignment of the upper or lower teeth

sore hocks

Keep hutch clean and provide a board for rabbit to get off the wire to prevent


What is it called when a rabbit sheds it's fur?


cause of buck teeth


If you have three rabbits, and one is sick, ____the sick one


Normal, Satin, wool and ______________ are types of fur

Guard Hairs

What are the long hairs of a rabbit's coat called?

Screw tail

the term for an abnormally bent or twisted tail is wry tail or


a rabbit use it's tail and hind feet for communication to signal?

styptic powder

to stop a toenail from bleeding, dip it in flour, cornstarch, quick stop, or


How many degrees of vision does a rabbit have?


A rabbit has an upper, lower and inner


What is the purpose of the eyelid is to protect the ________ during a dust storm and still be able to see


The organs of the rabbit that are in the chest cavity, well protected by the ribs are the heart and


What is the total number of toes a rabbit has?


How many ribs does a rabbit have?


breed a doe when it has reached maturity - normally around five to _____months of age depending on the breed


What term is used when describing thickness of a rabbit's coat?


the feel and quality of the fur when stroked towards the head


a rabbit regulate it's temperature through it's

bell ears

ears that have large, heavy tops that fold over


good sanitation important in your rabbitry to prevent


normal describes a type of _____ on a rabbit?


A fungus that people can get from rabbits?


A hard swelling or isolated collection of pus occurring on the rabbit's body


Infectious,inflammation of the mammary glands


A nose marking on some breeds and broken varieties of rabbits


The brightness or brilliance of the fur


Prevention of parasites includes Sanitation, Quality _________ Adequate health, An understanding of parasites


Eliminations include Ear mites, sore hocks, over weight, under weight, cold, sore eyes, vent disease, mange, does that are heavy with:


A rabbit's teeth grow continuouslyand a normal rabbit files them down by

wry neck

An infection in the middle or inner ear causes


What is the rear part of the rabbit called?


When checking toenails check for mismatched, wrong colored , broken or ___________ toenails


fur has a smaller transparent hair shaft creating a sheen on the coat


the finer fur next to the skin


five rabbit body types are Semi-Arched, FullArch, Compact, Commercial, and

sweat glands

the rabbit's ________________ located are located on theunderside of the front paws


the quality of the fur is determined by


Name the condition characterized by scabby, open sores on the bottom of a rabbit's hocks or paws is ______ hocks

cage floor

Dirty, broken, or rusty _____________can cause sore hocks?

Hutch stains

What are the discoloration or stains on the rabbit's coat that are caused by urine, manure, or rust called?


The extra toe, or functionless digit on the inside of the front paw


The hide after it's been removed from the animal


Treat sore hocks by Cleaning cage, feeling along bottom and repair any damaged or rough sections, give a clean board for rabbit to sit on, remove hair from sores, rinse with hydrogen peroxide and then apply Preparation

broken coat

Guard hair is broken or missing in spots exposing the undercoat - showing the effects of molt


The overall physical state of a rabbit in relation to its health, cleanliness,
fur, and grooming is called what?


three parts of a rabbit make -up the hindquarter hips, loins, and

General disqualifications

Abnormal eye discharge, conjunctivitis, Abscesses, Blindness, Colds, Ear canker, Entry: wrong sex, breed, group or variety as entered Eyes: unmatched eyes, wall eyes, off colored eyes, spots or specks on eye, marbled eyes ,Fleas, Fungus growth, Fur: foreign colored hairs within the coat, Lice, Mange or scurvy condition-withflakes, Mites, Pot belly, Rupture or hernia, Slobbers, Sore hocks,Tattoo: illegible or wrong,Tumors or abnormal swelling,Vent disease,Any deviation from the normal body structure, including, wry tail, extra toes, missing toes, malocclusions, crooked legs, pigeon chest, split penis, missing testicle, torn ears, over or under weight

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