Music Final

1619 Broadway
Brill Building, home to several music publishers
Hal David and Burt Bacharach
Song writing team, associated with Dionne Warwick
Characteristics of Burt Bacharach's Music
wide melodic leaps, unusual chords/chord progression, irregular rythmes, unconventional forms
Highlight of Broadway
Pre-Rock Musicals vs. Rock Era Musicals
pre rock musicals were about long ago and far away places, rock era musicals were about present or recent past.
musical about hair - very popular
Jesus Christ Superstar
Andrew Lloyd Webber - most commercially successful musical theatre composer of the rock era (music theaters British Invasion)
Stephen Sondheim
most versatile American composer of this generation, complete musician, lyricist in west side story
Stephen Sondheim Trademark
the total integration of song & story
Nashville Sound
a marriage of country and pop
becomes the center of the recording industry for country music and Nashville sound
Glenn Campbell
studio musician who became a country music star
Kenny Rogers
huge country pop - "countrypolitan"
Neo-traditional country music
Ricky Skaggs
Jimmy Carter
elected president in 1976 - first president from the deep south electric in the 20th century
Dolly Parton
country music's biggest celebrity, exemplifies the significant trends in country music.
Country Music Traits
Story telling songs
The Traditionalists
a reacted to the Nashville Sound
Results of the Traditionalists
Radio stations devoted more time to country music.
First Era of Traditonalist
First time was in the mid 1960's - Traditionalists were located in Bakersfield, CA
Second Era of Traditionalists
Second time was in the 1970's in Austin, TX
Leaders of the Traditionalist movement and Album
leaders of the movement were Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings (Outlaw movement), 1967 - Wanted: The Outlaws was the first million selling country album.
George Jones
Married to Tammy Wynette
Jazz in the Rock Era
2 reactions to Bebop
- cool jazz (simpler style of music)
-avant-garde (more complex all the way around, sometimes no chordal instruments)
Jazzrock Leader
MIles Davis
Miles Davis & Albums
2 albums in 1969 - In a Silent Way/Bitches Brew - Landmark Jazz Albums, rite of passage to be in his band.
Herbie Hancock
Watermelo man
Weather report
known for "fusion" music
Jaco Pastorius
electric bass virtuoso
Wynton Marsalis
leader of neotraditional movement in jazz in the 1980's
Instrumentation of Jazz Rock
Piano, guitar, bass, drums, extra percussion, electronic instruments,
Latin Jazz/Chick Corea
incorporated latin influences more so than any other individual.
Rock in the 70's
rock becomes an industry
-broadcasting and recording industries structured for profitability
Rock in the 80's
1980's - large arena and stadium, 6 companies produced half of the pop music recordings worldwide.
Album Orientated Radio (AOR)
A lot of radio stations would pay an entire album in one stretch
Payola (70's and 80's)
when disc jockeys are paid money to play music more often.
Elton John
The biggest star of the 70's
Bernie Taupin
Elton John's Lyricist
Eddie Van Halen
guitar virtuoso in the late 70's and 80's
Bruce Springstein
Heavily influenced by both Dylan and The Rolling Stones
Punk Rock (origins)
Emerged in London and New York in the mid 70's
Musical Features of Punk Rock
fast, loud, unvarying
Singer/Songwriters in the 70's (Forms)
most of these songs retained tin pan alleys clear forms
Singer/Song Writers in the 70's (People)
James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Carole King
Joni Mitchell
jazz based harmonies
Paul Simon
had 2 distinct careers, part of simon and garfunkle and solo
Carole King
you've got a friend - one of the most frequently covered songs of the rock era.
16-Beat has been found in almost all styles of pop music except for country
James Brown Conception
emphasis on the rhythm without the addition of extra rhythm instruments, both Sly Stone and George Clinton listened seriously to James Brown's music
Sly and The Family Stone
an extension of James Brown's music
George Clinton
mastermind behind Parliament and Funkadellic, recruited 3 key people from James Brown's band
Stevie Wonder
most successful african american pop artist in the 70's, deeply involved in all stages of the creative proccess
mainstream in 1977 with Saturday Night Fever, 120 beats per minute, music videos come into play in the 80's
Michael Jackson
thriller 1982, cause MTV to integrate its playlist
-multi-track recording
-Draws on the full range of rock era styles
popularity 2nd to prince, emerged out of the NYC dance club scene, team effort in recordings
rap music
the voice becomes a percussion instrument