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  1. Myocardium
  2. Tibia
  3. The medical term for tube feeding is called
  4. Fibula
  5. A gallbladder disorder involving stones int the gallbladder is
  1. a Larger of Two Lower Leg Bones; Inside of Leg
  2. b gavage
  3. c Smaller of Two Lower Leg Bones; Outside of Leg
  4. d middle layer of the heart wall.
  5. e cholelithiasis

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  1. contracture
  2. mouth or the ostium uteri
  3. cells
  4. Large bone in Pelvic Curve
  5. dorsiflexion

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  1. Inferior vena cavathe large vein carrying blood from the upper part of the body.


  2. The medical term for straightening of a body part is calledflexion


  3. The medical term for turning the palm backward is calleddorsiflexion


  4. Branches of bundle branches, which transmit the impulses to the walls of the ventricles, causing the ventricles to contract is calledbronchi


  5. The windpipe which conducts air between the larynx and the lungs is calledbronchi