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  1. In the human body, the senses include all the following except for
  2. Humerus
  3. The second portion of the small intestine is called
  4. The word element cise means
  5. Washing out of the stomach through a nasogastric tube is called
  1. a lavage
  2. b jejunum
  3. c cut
  4. d bone extending from the shoulder to the elbow
  5. e teeth

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  1. pulmonary artery
  2. pneumothorax
  3. septal defect
  4. cholelithiasis
  5. puncture

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  1. The medical term fir a decrease in size or a wasting is calledcontracture


  2. The medical term for bending of a body part is calledextension


  3. The medical term for turning the palm backward is calledpronation


  4. The medical term for a group of cells with the same functiontissue


  5. The divisions of the trachea which enters the lungs are calledbronchi