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  1. The medical term for moving a body part toward the midline of the body is called
  2. Inflammation of the nasal mucosa results in
  3. An apical pulse is the method of choice for
  4. Erythema refers to
  5. The medical term for moving a body part away from the body
  1. a rhinitis
  2. b red skin
  3. c infants and young children
  4. d abduction
  5. e adduction

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  1. mouth or the ostium uteri
  2. trachea
  3. Large bone in Pelvic Curve
  4. teeth
  5. red blood cells

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  1. Paralysis that follows damage to the brain is calledretinitis


  2. Duodenumbone extending from the shoulder to the elbow


  3. FibulaLarger of Two Lower Leg Bones; Inside of Leg


  4. Inflammation of the gallbladderretinitis


  5. Interventricular septumpartition between right and left ventricle