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  1. Escape of fluid into the thoracic cavity
  2. The medical term for a group of cells with the same function
  3. Sacrum
  4. The medical term fir a decrease in size or a wasting is called
  5. Inflammation of the retina is called
  1. a tissue
  2. b atrophy
  3. c pleural effusion
  4. d Large bone in Pelvic Curve
  5. e retinitis

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  1. vomiting
  2. dorsiflexion
  3. puncture
  4. Collarbone
  5. pronation

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  1. An accumulation of air in the pleural cavity after the lungs collapse is known asdeviated septum


  2. Duodenumbone extending from the shoulder to the elbow


  3. In the human body, the senses include all the following except forteeth


  4. Trapeziusbone extending from the shoulder to the elbow


  5. The word element stomato meanscut


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