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  1. Infected pressure sores on the skin are called
  2. Erythema refers to
  3. The science of the function of cells, tissues, and organs of the body is called
  4. Duodenum
  5. The medical term for moving a body part toward the midline of the body is called
  1. a first portion of the small intestine
  2. b decubitus ulcers
  3. c physiology
  4. d red skin
  5. e adduction

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  1. flexion
  2. broad, flat muscle on each side of the middle back
  3. atrophy
  4. infants and young children
  5. bone extending from the shoulder to the elbow

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  1. Inflammation of the nasal mucosa results incholecystitis


  2. TibiaLarger of Two Lower Leg Bones; Inside of Leg


  3. The medical term for circular movement around a central pointrotation


  4. movement of limbs away from the bodypleurisy


  5. The medical term for abnormal shortening of a muscle is calledatrophy