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  1. When the right atrium contracts it forces blood through the tricuspid valve into the
  2. The right ventricle pumps the used blood to the lungs by the
  3. The medical term for abnormal shortening of a muscle is called
  4. Trapezius
  5. Washing out of the stomach through a nasogastric tube is called
  1. a pulmonary artery
  2. b lavage
  3. c either of two flat triangular muscles of the shoulder and upper back that are involved in moving the shoulders and arms
  4. d right ventricle
  5. e contracture

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  1. pleurisy
  2. trachea
  3. dorsiflexion
  4. red skin
  5. cholelithiasis

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  1. Located between the pharynx and the trachea, containing the vocal cordslarynx


  2. The medical term for straightening of a body part is calledflexion


  3. A serious chronic disease of the liver is calledcirrhosis


  4. Infected pressure sores on the skin are calleddecubitus ulcers


  5. The medical term fir a decrease in size or a wasting is calledatrophy