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  1. Deoxygenated blood enters the right atrium of the
  2. The word element cise means
  3. A rubber or plastic tube used to drain or inject fluid through a body opening is called
  4. Latissimus dorsi
  5. The word element centesis means
  1. a cut
  2. b catheter
  3. c heart
  4. d broad, flat muscle on each side of the middle back
  5. e puncture

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  1. adduction
  2. stertorous respiration
  3. aneroid type
  4. lavage
  5. partition between right and left ventricle

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  1. The medical term for the basic unit of body structurecells


  2. The word element emesis meansvomiting


  3. movement of limbs away from the bodyabduction


  4. Paralysis that follows damage to the brain is calledretinitis


  5. Infected pressure sores on the skin are calledretinitis