19 terms

SER- to be

Yo soy
I am
Tú eres
You are (informal)
Usted es
You are (formal)
Él es
He is
Ella es
She is
Nosotros somos
We are
Vosotros sois
Y'all are (informal)
Ellos son
They are (all females)
Ustedes son
Y'all are (formal)
Yo no soy Sr. Glass.
I am not Mr. Glass.
Tú eres estudiante.
You are a student.
Él es arquitecto.
He's an architect.
Ella es futbolista.
She's a soccer player.
Usted es guitarrista.
You (formal) are a guitarist.
Nosotros somos cantantes.
We are singers.
Vosotros sois estudiantes.
Y'all (informal) are students.
Ellas son nenas.
They are girls.
Ellos son nenes.
They are boys and girls.
Ustedes son profesores.
Y'all are teachers. (formal)