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Georgia State Insurance Laws

Terms in this set (146)

1. Officer's, director's or employees of an insurance company or an insurance agency if that person does not receive any commission on policies written or sold to insure risks located in the State of Georgia.
2. Officers, directors or employees whose activities are executive, administrative, managerial and clerical or combination of these and are indirectly related to the sale, solicitation or negotiation of insurance.
3. Officers, directors or employees whose function relates to underwriting, loss control, inspection, adjusting a claim on a contract of insurance.
4. Officer, director or employee acting as a special agent assisting insurance producers when such assistance is limited to providing technical advice and does include selling, soliciting or negotiation of insurance.
5. An employer or association or its officers, directors or employees who furnish information concerning the administration or operation of a program of employee benefits, so long as they are not compensated by the insurance company issuing the policies.
6. Employees of insurance companies or organization employed by insurance companies for inspection, rating, or classification of risk or training of insurance agents and not individually engage in the sale or solicitation of insurance.
7. A person whose activities are limited to advertising without the intent to solicit insurance in this state through communications in printed publications or other forms of electronic mass media not limited to residents of the state.
8. A salaried full-time employee who advises his or her employer relative to insurance interest of the employer provided the employee does not sell, solicit insurance or receive a commission.
1) Lack of supporting insurance business;
2) A change in the insurance company's underwriting rules unless such changes in the rules apply uniformly within a specific class or territory and such change has been approved by the Commissioner;
3) Two or less of the following claims within the preceding 36 months:
• accidents involving 2 or more motor vehicles in which the driver of the insured auto was not at fault
• uninsured or underinsured motorists coverage claims
• comprehensive coverage claims ( also known as other-than-collision claims)
• towing or road service coverage claims
4) Age, gender, location of residence address within the state, race, creed, national origin, ancestry, or marital status (Simply stated no unlawful discrimination!)
5) Lawful occupation provided that the insured auto is not used in such occupation
6) Military service, provided that the named insured remains a legal resident of Georgia
7) Number of years of driving experience of a named insured or other resident driver or person who regularly drives an auto insured under the policy
8) Accidents or violations which occurred more than 36 months prior to the expiration of anniversary date or solely for claims paid during the preceding 36 month period which did not total more than $750
9) One at-fault claim against the policy if such coverage has been in effect continuously for at 36 months
10) Two claims against the policy which were the insured's fault if such coverage has been in effect for at least 72 months
11) Factors not relating to claims or driving record or driving ability of the named insured or any other operator who is a household member or regularly operate an insured auto