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6 rights of medication administration

1. right patient
2. right medication
3. right route
4. right dose
5. right time
6. right documentation
(7. right to refuse)

- go out to the hundreths and then round to the tenths

Round weight to the ______.


___ pounds = _ kg


calculations are based more one ______ than ____.


Start with most _________ or most _____ medicine first.

Protective Mechanisms that Pediatrics lack

- thin & permeable skin
- lacks gastric acid
- lacks lung mucosal barriers
- poorly regulated body temp
- immature liver & kidney


Site of choice if > 7 months old

Vastus Lateralis

Site of choice for infants < 12 months receiving immunizations


Not used in infants or children with underdeveloped muscles. May be used for toddlers and older children.

Factors affecting IM site selection

- avoid nerves and vessels
- less subcutaneous thickness
- muscle mass appropriate to med volume
- ease of access or position

Safe Doseage Range

The amount of a medication that can be administered to a child without overdosing or under-dosing.

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