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'Bevanism' vs 'Gaitskellites' Labour Party Divisions


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Who led the Bevanites?
Aneurin Bevan
Who led the Gaitskellites?
Hugh Gaitskell
Which decade did the Bevanites and Gaitskellites oppose each other in particular?
Bevanism was influenced by traditional grassroots Labourism and what?
Despite declaring inspiration from Marx, who did not visibly support concepts of proletarian revolution like Marx?
Aneurin Bevan
Who opted in the 1950s for a 'strident but pluralistic conception of Democratic socialism'?
Aneurin Bevan
Bevan resigned from the Cabinet in 1951 over NHS prescription charges and also Britain's involvement in the: ?
Korean War
Which notable Bevanite cabinet minister resigned along with Bevan in 1951?
Harold Wilson
Bevanites were also known as the ____ _____?
Keep Lefts
Whos views towards nationalisation mirrored those of Vladimir Lenin, in that state control was only seen as necessary in the context of exchange or distribution, as opposed to the total and immediate appropriation of as much private property as possible?
Which group advocated for a comprehensive and completely free 'cradle to grave' system of welfare, health provision and education. Housing for all. And Full employment?
Which industry did the Bevanites really want to nationalise, despite criticism from many colleagues?
Iron & Steel
Respect for the arts, social liberalism, and an open minded approach to democratic socialism were key principles of who?
Who had no sympathy with the 'utopianism of the left'?
Hugh Gaitskell
When did the Suez Crisis start?
What event was it that drew Bevan and Gaitskell closer over similar opinions?
Suez Crisis
What event led to Bevan becoming Shadow Foreign Secretary?
Suez Crisis
In 1956, Frank Cousins became Secretary of Transport Workers, this meant that Hugh Gaitskell could not rely on votes from who?
Trade unions
What policy were the Bevanites and Gaitskellites particularly split on? (Although Gaitskell was willing to negotiate)
Hence as party leader, is primary aim was to get the Labour Party re-elected; and this could only be done, he believed, by proving to the electorate that it was a unified, responsible party with sensible policies. He had some success in achieving these aims before the general election of 1959.

Who is this?
Hugh Gaitskell
In 1958, it seemed that Bevan and Gaitskell were very close once again, Bevan declared that abandoning a nuclear deterrent would be a what?
Emotional spasm
The General Election was followed by a period of doubt, pessimism, and self examination from the Labour party. For many internal and external investigators, it was suggested Labour's image was unattractive and out of date. In an age of rising affluence and social change, Labour still appeared to identify with the manual working class, trade unionism, etc. Rather than a libertarian outlook, and Labour was only committed to further nationalism. Understandably, it was the younger voters that were in fact most disillusioned with Labour.

What year was this general election?
When did Labour still appear to identify with old style nationalism despite increasing affluence, causing them perhaps to lose the election?
In 1959, after their defeat, Labour decided they needed to focus not just on social equality but what other kind of equality too?
What did Gaitskell try to abandon at the 1959 Blackpool Election?
Clause 4
When Gaitskell tried to renounce clause 4 in 1959, he found himself condemned by which sides of the party?
When did Gaitskell try to abandon Clause 4?
Gaitskell's attempt to dismantle Clause 4 really harmed what?
Party unity
When did Bevan die, thus isolating Gaitskell?
What conference is an example of where Labour was split in 1960 (The left were out for Gaitskell's blood, many trade unionists were suspicious of his 1959 speech).
How many votes out of 7m favoured Gaitskell at the 1960 Scarbrough Conference?
Who emerged victorious from the Blackpool Party Conference in 1961, with official policy on support for NATO and nuclear endorsed 4.5m to 1.7m?
Hugh Gaitskell
At the Blackpool Party Conference, Gaitskell's official Labour stance was endorsed 4.5m to _._m?
Who said that joining the EEC would be 'the end of a thousand years of history'?
Hugh Gaitskell
Which political party was most openly against joining the EEC in the 1960s?
When did Gaitskell make his 'end of a thousand years of history' speech?
During the Suez Crisis of 1956, in one of the highlights of his career as leader, ____ ______ passionately condemned the Anglo-French and Israeli military intervention to secure the Suez Canal. Gaitskell had himself told the Prime Minister, Sir Anthony Eden, at a dinner with King Faisal II of Iraq on 26 July 1956 that he would support the use of military action against the Egyptian dictator Nasser, but only on the basis that the UK and France had American support.
Hugh Gaitskell
Which party was really expected to win the 1959 general election, but did not win it?
"Life is better with the Conservatives, don't let Labour ruin it"

What successful general election campaign year was this from?
Hugh Gaitskell was challenged for leadership of Labour in 1960 (unsuccessfully) by who?
Harold Wilson
Hugh Gaitskell was challenged for leadership of Labour in 1961 (unsuccessfully) by who?
Anthony Greenwood
Who did Gaitskell blame for the 1959 election defeat?
Left wing
What did Gaitskell try to amend in 1959 after losing the general election for the second time? Again splitting the party.
Clause 4