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Psychiatric Mental health exam 3 ch 18 addictive disorders

How many sub abuse cases are identified in the medical field?
60k as impaired nurses
What are the two gateway drugs?
pot and alcohol
what is it termed when someone uses more than one drug?
poly drug abuse
what are the symptoms of addiction?
1. loss of control of substance consumption 2. substance use despite associated problems 3. tendency to relapse
Two defense mechanisms among abusers are?
denial and rationalization
When gettnig off alcohol it can cause what symptoms
perspiration, dt shakes, tremors, deaf
what is someones greatest vulnerability involving alcohol?
Gene pool of alcoholics the probability for individual increases (display preventative care by remaining abstenent)
release of addiction has increased
high for addiction
What is substance abuse
(a medical emergency) sub abuse: a. inability to fulfill major role obligations at work, school and home; b. participation in physicall hazardous situations while impaired (driving car,operating machine, exacerbating exisiting problem ie ulcer; c. recurrent legal or interpersonal problems; d. continued use despite recurrent social and interpersonal problems
withdrawal process which equals
(medical emergency) withdrawl process: a. presence of tolerance to the drug; b. presence of withdrawal syndrome; c. substance is taken in larger amounts for longer period than intended; d. unsuccessful or persistent desire to cut down or control use; e. increased time spent in getting, taking, and recovering from teh substances and may w/draw from family and friends; f. reduction or absence ofimportant social, occupational, or recreational activities; g. substance used despite knowledge of recurrent physical or psychological problems or that problems were caused or exacerbated by one substance
Person that covers for addiction is
addicted person who doesn't have a good sense of autonomy is
women don't tolerate alcohol as well as men because
increased adipose tissue which speeds up drunkeness
to put up with drunken behavior because gains power is
secondary gain
children taking care of sub abuse parent/sibling using what defense mechanism when say they dont' have bad parents but they're actually angry
reaction formation
what is acoa
adult children of alocholics to go find help for themself
Getting rid of substance is onlyl how much of the problem?
what is expected with someone trying to stop sub abuse?
disease of relapse is to be expected
what should nurse teach about disease of relapse
teach pt when relapse that there's no need to 30 day bingue but get support from AA buddy.
Average alcoholic rehabs how many times
7-8 times
Review 12 steps of AA
what is aa built on?
spirituality that they can put before substance
substance abuse is one what axis?
axis I
patient with GAD, depression, sub abuse equals
co-occurring ie major depression with chemical dependence
Patient with bipolar, ptsd, schitzophrenia, depression must treat
simultaneousely w/ bioplar and depression to be effective
what must a nurse watch out for with families of drug abusers?
contraban. family may be sneaking drugs in.
physicians and nurses abuse what most often?
alcohol and demerol
what is the generic name for xanax?
generic name for valium
generic name for ativan
what do benzodiazopenes do for alcohol withdrawal delirium
decrease withdrawal symptoms, stabilize vital signs, and prevent seizures and delirium tremens