24 terms

Cell Organelles with Pictures

cell membrane (picture)
cell wall (picture)
cytoplasm (picture) Pointing to jelly inside
nucleus (picture)-Large and small pink circles
ribosome (picture)- Small circles
endoplasmic reticulum (picture)
chloroplast (picture)
vacuole (picture)
golgi body (picture)
lysosome (picture)
nuclear membrane (picture)
jellylike fluid that holds organelles in place. PLANTS AND ANIMALS
Powerhouse of the cell. Creates energy for the cell (ATP) during respiration. Looks like bean with a maze inside. PLANTS AND ANIMALS
golgi body
packages and ships materials throughout the cell. Looks like a stack of pancakes. PLANTS AND ANIMALS
control center of the cell -- contains hereditary material PLANTS AND ANIMALS
nuclear membrane
Outside layer of the nucleus which controls what goes in and out of the nucleus. PLANTS AND ANIMALS
cell wall
Outside rigid (hard) layer of a plant cell to provide protection and support. PLANTS ONLY
storage area for a cell (often holds food and water). PLANTS ONLY
endoplasmic reticulum
"highway" in a cell to transport materials. Looks like a maze. PLANTS AND ANIMALS
Builds proteins for the cell. Looks like small circles. PLANTS AND ANIMALS
Oval shaped organelle in a plant cell that uses the sun's energy to make glucose. PLANTS ONLY
cell membrane
Outside thin layer of a cell that controls what goes in and out. PLANTS AND ANIMALS
organelle that breaks down waste for the cell. ANIMALS ONLY
a tiny structure that carries out a specific function for a cell