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APES Ch. 6

AP Environmental Science Chapter 6 Study Sheet
tropical desert
Low diversity, low productivity, few grazing animals,and dry conditions are characteristics of _______.
If you were exploring a _____ ecosystem, you would expect to find creosote bush,saguaro cactus, prickly pear, and Joshua trees.
tropical desert
An explorer seeking the driest place on Earth should begin looking in a ______.
tropical rain forests
Trees of ______ tend to be broad-leaf evergreen plants.
climate and vegetation
_____ and ____ vary within latitude and longitude.
Generally, the limiting factor that controls the vegetative character of a biome is _____.
temperature and precipitation
The two most important factors determining the climate of an area are _____ and _____.
Are likely to be produce by mountains, bodies of water, cities, and sand dunes.
rain shadow effect
The _____ refers to drier conditions on the windward side of mountain ranges.
______ in the troposphere forms a thermal cap important in determining the average temperature of the troposphere.
greenhouse gases
Carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, and CFC's
greenhouse gas effect
The trapping of heat energy in the troposphere by certain gaseous molecules.
During _____ upwelling of cold, nutrient-rich water are supposed.
the movement of cool nutrient-rich water from the bottom to the surface
the general pattern of weather over a period of at least 30 years
tropical grassland with scattered shrubs and stunted trees
arctic tundra
Where are thick, spongy mats of low-growing plants typical?
forest and desert
In the zone lying between _____ and _____ is where a natural grassland would most likely be found.
_____ can convert grasslands into deserts.
In a _____ you are likely to find plants with large underground root systems, mild,slightly wet winters,long hot dry summers and lack of understory.
shrub layer
Philodendrons and other office plants are likely to come from the _______ of the tropical rain forest.
mature tropical rain forest
A ________ has the greatest species diversity of all terrestrial biomes.
Mature temperate deciduous forests
______________ have more plant life at ground level than tropical rain forests
What would the dominant mammal species in a temperate deciduous forest most likely be?
In what biome are trees with needle-like leaves that are kept year round especially abundant?
Cone-bearing trees are characteristic of the _____.
mountain biomes
______ may act as sanctuaries for animal species driven from lowland areas.