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  1. Terr
  2. Semiprecious
  3. Uni
  4. Telecast
  5. Semiconscious
  1. a One
  2. b A broadcast by television
  3. c Having only part of the value of a precious gemstone
  4. d Land
  5. e Half or party awake; not fully conscious; in a daze

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  1. Two
  2. Star, outter space
  3. Distant, far away
  4. Hang
  5. Belonging to the sea

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  1. SectTo cut


  2. TeleconferenceA broadcast by television


  3. AstronautSpace traveler


  4. ig, il, im, irA state of sleeplessness; ongoing condition


  5. SemiannualRequiring good clothes rather than play clothes


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