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  1. currency act
  2. advantages of the british
  3. Battle of Saratoga
  4. turning point of the war
  5. declaration of independence
  1. a Horatio Gates and Benedict Arnold capture John Burgoyne and 9,500 British; Because of the battle the French noticed the Americans were willing to fight and decided to join with the Americans; if it wasn't for the French, the British may have won the war.
  2. b colonies could no longer issue their own paper currency; whatever was in circulation was worthless
  3. c had the strongest navy in the world, had "manpower?" and had professional armies and mercenaries
  4. d enlightened document made by enlightened thinkers; first draft was written by Richard Henry Lee; based on argument primarily on the contract theory of government developed by John Locke: power comes from the consent of the people; blames king george lll; americans no longer consider themselves english
  5. e on christmas night 1776, Washington slipped across the Delaware River at Trenton (NJ) with 2,400 men and surprised the drunken Hessians, killing or capturing over a thousand of them with only six deaths.

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  1. to analyze the causes of the American Revolution and understand the important events of the war as well as the role played by significant individuals during the conflict.
  2. required colonists to provide provisions and barracks or submit to the use of inns and vacant buildings for British soilders
  3. eventually puts taxes on everything but tea- a token of parliamentry authority, taxes various colonial imports such as glass, paint lead, and paper
  4. petitioned the king for relief- (dominion theory) colonies were subject to crown but now Parliament (seperate realm). they liked the king better t han the parliament but disliked both. To seek peace.
  5. officials and British soldiers could not be tried in colonies- only in england and canada

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  1. massachusetts governing acttown meetings only 1 per year, mass.'s council and law enforcement officers were appointed rather then elected


  2. boston tea partygovernment was trying to purchase their loyalty and passivity with cheap tea. a group of colonial patriots disguised as mohawk native americans boarded 3 ships and threw 342 chests of east india tea overboard. most of these patriots were making a profit on smuggling tea.


  3. boston port actclosed to commerce until tea was paid


  4. lexington and concordthis was the first fighting of the war, minute men in lexington formed a silent protest; the british advanced; a shot was fired; british shot and then changed with bayonets (8 dead, 10 wounded)


  5. olive branch petitionsecond continental congress still hopes for compromise; king george lll declares them in rebellion and sends more troops; british troops pull out of boston and retreat to Nova Scotia; patriots were the "underdogs"; british faced not the suppression of a rebellion but the reconquest of a continent; they had more of a will to fight- british did it for a job; king thought there was no need to compromise and that they were going to win (confused on which side king george was on)