15 terms

Government - Ch. 23: Structure & Function of State Government

legislative branch
passes laws; bicameral, hold annual sessions, conduct business through committees; most people in this branch work part-time in other fields
executive branch
lead by the governor
generally must be nominated by a major political party & win the genral election; serve 4 yr terms; proposes & signs laws; Commander in Cheif of the state National Guard
supervise the executive branch of the state government, propose legislation, veto bills, call special sessions of the state legislature, have limited power over the state court system
lieutenant governor
Ken Ard
speaker of the house
Bobby Harrell
judicial branch
made up of different state courts
state courts
interpret & apply state & local laws to civil & criminal cases
justice court
performs marriages
municipal, police, or magistate courts
handle cases of petty crime or property disputes
minor courts
small claims court, juvenile court, domestic relations court, traffic court, probate court
state supreme court
court of final appeal
state treasurer
Curts Loftis
attorney general
Alan Wilson
secretary of state/clerk of court
Mark Hammond