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Urinary System 1 (Kidney, Gross Structures)

Unit 6 Lecture 1
What is this organ?
What is this area where tubes come into the kidney?
Renal Sinus
The ____ ____ is the space within the kidney, most of it is filled by the pelvis.
Renal Capsule
The ____ ____ is a fibrous CT layer that makes up the outside of the kidney.
Renal Cortex
the _____ _____ is the lighter layer around the outside of the kidney that contains nephrons.
Renal medulla
this inner layer of the kidney is the ____ _____.
Renal Pyramids
these trianglar areas within the renal medulla are the _____ _____. Blood filtration takes place in these areas
Renal Column
A _____ ______ is tissue between the renal pyramids of the kidney.
Renal Papilla
The _____ _____ is located at the point of the renal pyramid, they go into the minor calyx.
Renal Pelvis
The ___ ___ is the area that seperates to form the Calyx.
Major Calyx
A ___ ____ is a branch of the Renal Pelvis that goes on to branch again.
Minor Calyx
A _____ _____ is a smaller branch of the Major Calyx, or the singular branch off the Renal pelvis. There is one for every renal pyramid.
Water, Electrolyte
One of the Uninary system's functions is to maintain ____ and _____ balence
Blood pH
One of the Uninary system'sfunctions is to stabilize _____ _____.
Volume, Pressure
One of the Uninary system's functions is to regulate blood _____ and _____.
_____ of hormones is one of the kidney's functions
Waste, toxin, nitrogen
One of the urinary system's functions is the elimination of _____ and _____ specifically _______.
The kidneys are RETROPERITONEAL, which means they are ______ the parietal peritoneal.
Adipose Capsule
The layer of fat sourrounding the kidney is called the _____ _____.
Renal Fascia
The thin layer of CT found within the kidney is called the _____ ______.
Renal Columns are made up of what type of tissue?
Renal Lobe
A renal pyramid and the renal columns around it create a ____ ____.