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Andrew Jackson

The 7th president of the USA, elected in 1828.
-He was a "common man" and people liked him
-Let his personal grudges dictate his decisions
-Spoils system - appointed friends and supporters
-Indian Removal Act
-Began the Second Party System - Democrats and Whigs

Election of 1824

The election between JQ Adams, Jackson, Clay and Crawford (all Democratic-Republicans)(it also included John C Calhoun but Calaba left him out). It ended with Adams winning the battle with Jackson through what is known as the "corrupt bargain" with Clay.

Bank War

The US Bank was under a 20 year charter, and was favored mainly by the northern bankers and merchants but not by farmers and westerners. Clay and Webster pushed for an early recharter but Jackson vetoed it due to his hatred for the two men. He killed the bank and ordered his Secretary of Treasury to remove all of the specie and put it in his "pet banks".

Nullification Crisis of 1832

Increased tariffs in the South led to a decrease in trade with Britain. The South relied on the North for goods and hated it. South Carolina declared that they would no longer pay the tariffs, and threatened to secede when Jackson threatened the use of Federal troops. Henry Clay made a compromise and kept South Carolina in the union.

Indian Removal Act

Congress ordered all Indians to move westward into "Indian Territory" in a movement that became known as the Trail of Tears.

Worcester v. Georgia

The Cherokee nation sued the US government for the Indian Removal Act, and chief justice John Marshall ruled in favor of the Indians. Jackson continued enforcing the act.

Martin Van Buren

The 8th president of the USA, elected in 1836
-Won election easily with Jackson's endorsement
-Thought presidency was more of an honor than a responsibility and was incapable of dealing with issues
-Collapsed in the economic panics of 1837 and 1839

Panic of 1837

This economic crisis was caused by Jackson's murder of the national bank, inflation and speculation; followed by a five-year depression with lots of banks crashing and record unemployment levels.

Panic of 1839


"Tippecanoe" Harrison


John Tyler


James Polk


Texan Independence


The Alamo


Mexican-American War


The "American System"


John C. Calhoun


Henry Clay


Missouri Compromise


Admission of Texas as a state


Immigration in the first half of the 1800s




Voting rights of African American pre civil war


Eli Whitney (what else besides cotton gin)


Cotton Engine




Erie Canal


Commonwealth v. Hunt


Samuel Morse




"Lowell system"






Oneida Community






Donner Party


California Trail


Oregon Trail


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