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What did the electronic synthesizer allow composers to create for the first time?

Music without performers

How did Birmingham Police Chief Bull Conner respond to the April 1963 mass demonstration by children?

Attacked them with dogs and fire hoses

How does the narrator in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man end up living in an underground hole in Harlem?

Accidentally fell into it during a riot

How did television's An American Family star Lance Loud create controversy in the mid 1970s?

He was openly gay

As described in the chapter's "Continuity and Change" section, why was Olafu Eliason's The Weather Project initially criticized as being "mere" entertainment?

Attracting so many visitors to view it

Why did Benoit Mandelbrot reject traditional Euclid geometry for his work with fractals?

Couldn't describe irregularly shaped forms

As recreated in Jeff Wall's photographic illustration for Invisible Man, why does Ellison's narrator need light?

Confirm his reality

What did the college students involved in the 1960s antiwar movement want school administrations to do?

Remove ROTC from their campuses

In his mural F-111, how does artist James Rosenquist equate the military with consumer culture?

Juxtaposes consumer products with the fighter plane

In The Feminist Mystique, why does Betty Friedan reject Freud's idea that women envy men?

Assumption that women are inferior to men

Why did Frank Gehry use industrial materials such as corrugated metal to surround his Santa Monica, CA, house?

Use materials found in the neighborhood

As described in the chapter's "Continuity and Change" section, why was Olafu Eliason's The Weather Project initially criticized as being "mere" entertainment?

Attracting so many visitors to view it

What is Prague's Dancing House with its teetering sense of collapse designed to evoke?

Post-World War II bombed building

Why did African painter Chris Ofili support The Holy Virgin Mary on two balls of elephant dung?

The Zimbabwe viewed elephant dung as a fertility symbol

Why did some artists such as Robert Smithson begin making site-specific "land art"?

Escape the gallery system

Why did the makers of the film Flooded McDonald's build a replica of the fast-food restaurant at the bottom of a pool and then flood it?

Raise awareness about global warming

Why did playwright Luis Valdez produce Zoot Suit?

Call attention to police brutality against Latinos

Why did the Chinese government demand Zhang Hongtu's painting Bird's Nest, in the Style of Cubism be removed from China?

Inappropriate muted palette for celebration

Which of the following was not a response to the Brooklyn Museum's displaying of Ofili's The Holy Virgin Mary?

Fresh elephant dung left at the museum's entrance

Why did rap, or hip-hop, develop during the 1960s?

Protest treatment of African Americans

Why did Yale's architecture graduate students commission Claes Oldenburg to create Lipstick (Ascending) on Caterpillar Tracks?

Antiwar statement

How did many U. S. artists manage to undermine museums and galleries that might have displayed their works?

Making art that was unable to be displayed

In Janine Antoni's Touch, what does the horizon line on which she appears to be walking represent?

What is always in front of us

Why was Martin Luther King, Jr., arrested and jailed in Birmingham in 1963?

Leading a protest march

In his graffiti-inspired Charles the First and other works, why does Jean-Michel Basquiat include a crown?

Honor African-American heroes

According to Robert Venturi, why is Las Vegas the model for postmodern urban form?

Structures not homogenous

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