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Anchor Tooth

Holds the clamp.


Round part of the clamp that extends through the dental dam.

Dental Dam

Thin stretchable latex material placed over the teeth.

Dental Dam Frame Dental Dam Napkin

Holders that are used to stablize and stretch the dam.


Part of the clamp shaped into 4 prongs that help stablize the clamp on the tooth.

Keypunch Hole

Covers the Anchor tooth.


Dental Dam material located between the holes of the punched dam.


Sharp pointed too used for cutting.

Punch Plate

Rotary platform.


Referring to the same clamp that can be placed on some types of teeth on the opposite quadrant.

Winged clamp

Extra projections to hold the dam.

Identify three types of isolation techniques and define them.

Cotton rolls, Dry angles, and dental dams.

What function does color of the latex have when using a dental dam?


What is the thickness of a dental dam called? What types are there?


Which dental dam fra,e is stainless steel, U-Shaped with sharp projections?

The youngs frame.

What type of lubricant is used when working with a dental dam?

Water soluble

Which is the smallest hole on the punch plate


Which is the largest hole on the punch plate


Which instrument is used to place and remove the clamp?

Dental dam forceps.

Dental floss or tape that is used for safety to retrieve the clamp if it accidentally dislodges is called a


A device that holds a matrix band snugly in position is called the


Which classification of cavity is a tofflemire matrix retainer and band used?

Class II Restoration.

The occlusal edge of the matrix band is the larger or smaller edge


Which part of the matrix retainer is used to tighten or loosen the spindle?

Outer knob

Which part of the matrix retainer us used to increase or decrease the size of the matrix loop?

Inner knob.

Which part of the matrix retainer is used to hold the ends of the band in the diagonal slot?


Which part of the matrix retainer is a boxlike stricture that the ends of the band are placed?

Diagonal Slot

Which part of the matrix retainer is used to direct the loop of the band to be placed in a specific quadrant?

Guide channel

Which instrument prevents an overhang?


What type of matrix band is used for class III and IV restorations?

Anterior matrix band

Which dental material seals the dentinal tubules?


Which dental material stimulated the growth of secondary dentin?

Calcium Hydroxide

This material is used for a base to insulate the tooth in a deep cavity, what is the product?

Zinc phosphate

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