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Capitulo 9: Preposiciiones con "a" y "en"

ir a
to go to
acostumbrarse a
to be accustomed to
adaptarse a
to adapt to
aprender a
to learn to
asimilarse a
to become assimilated to
ayudar a
to help (someone)
comenzar/empezar a
to begin (-ing)
enseñar a
to teach (someone)
invitar a
to invite (someone) to
llegar a
to arrive at
salir a
to go out to
venir a
to come to
volver a
to return to
a mano
by hand
a pie
by foot
a máquina
by machine
a caballo
by horse
a las ocho
at 8 o'clock
al principio
at first
a diez dólares la docena
at 10 dollars a dozen
a ochenta millas por hora
at 80 miles per hour
en casa
at home
en la mesa
on the table
en una hora
within an hour
estudiar en la universidad
to study at college
consistir en
to consist of
convertirse en
to convert to
inscribirse en
to engrave on
insistir en
to insist on
tardar en
to take a long time to
entrar en
to enter (something-like a building)