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Permanent Wave

Permanent Wave
Arnold F. Willat
Who invented the cold wave that needed no heat or machine for processing?
perm rod picks
What can be used to eliminate pressure and life perm rod bands off the hair?
When hair is divided into manageable amounts on various areas of the head, they are called?
135 degree
What angle is the hair held to create an on base rod placement?
Which type of perm rod produces an uneven curl or wave pattern?
In what year was the electric permanent wave machine invented?
curl or wave
A test curl is used to determine the desired result for a?
What is the area selected at the scalp that is determined by diameter and length of perm rod?
At what part of the hair's subsection is the long length rod placed to perform a piggyback wrap?
Which type of porosity creates uneven absorption of liquid?
seven revolutions
How many times should hair wrap around a rod for thorough absorption of chemical?
When cuticle scales are lying flat hindering liquid absorption, the hair is considered?
book end
Which end wrap requires one paper folded in half and the hair ends combed close together?
What part of the perm curl or wave determines the type of perm rod placement?
design or curvature wrap
Which wrapping pattern follows the client's direction of hairdesign?
The endothermic wave is also considered?
The lines created when dividing the sections or subsections of hair are referred to as?
brick lay wrap
Which wrapping pattern avoids splitting of hair at base area?
What part of a perm rod determines degree of curl or wave produced in the hair?
longer than 8 inches 20.32 cm
What length of hair is recommended for long hair wrapping patterns?
The instrument that marks the degrees of a circle and is used to measure angles is?
Which wrapping pattern uses two rods with one rod sitting on top other rod, providing a uniformed curl or wave?
What is wrapped around the hairline and ears to assist in absorbing excess chemical?
Which type of perm rod produces a uniform curl or wave pattern?
Which type of permanent wave is referred to as a cold wave and requires NO application of heat?
Width or diameter
What area of a single strand of hair determines its texture?
At what angle is the hair held to create a half under directed base rod placement?
Double end
Which end wrap requires evenly distributed hair to be placed between two end papers?
Double rod
What type of wrapping pattern is required ONLY for long hair?
What is referred to as "pull" of hair when being combed and wound around a perm rod?
one and half times
How many times is the rod unwrapped to allow an "S" shape formation to appear for test curling?
Then hair lifted and combed at certain degree for perm rod application is called?
end papers
What are absorbent pieces of thin tissue-type paper used to wrap hair around perm rod?
The weave wrapping pattern requires what type of partings?
permanent waving
Which service chemically rearranges straight hair into a new curled or wavy form?
Which type of permanent wave will process quicker due to a high ph?
What part of the hair shaft, when not round around the rod smoothly, result in a fish hook?
At what angel is the hair held to create a full under-directed base rod placement?
scalp to ends
When performing a spiral wrapping pattern, hair may be wound " ends to scalp" or
rod placement
Resting the perm rod on an area of the base within a subsection of hair is referred to as?