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Chemical Relaxation

base cream

What product is applied on the scalp to protect it strong chemicals?

Annnie Turnbo Malone

Who is made a fortune selling her "Poro" system of hair preparations for smoothing and straightening?


What percentage of curl is removed for an average curl relaxation?


Which type of relaxer does not require shampooing of hair prior to application of chemical?


Which hydroxide relaxer has the highest pH and processes the quickest?


Which strength relaxer is best suited for fine textured hair?

Metallic salts

What type of hair coloring could affect proper penetration of chemical product?

curl reduction

Which strand test is performed during the relaxing process?


The three methods of relaxer application are tint brush, shampoo/tail comb and:

one to two weeks

The time frame when hair coloring services can be preformed after relaxer application is?

bonds reform

What occurs in the neutralization step of the relaxing process?

relaxer product

What is applied to a small subsection of hair for preliminary strand testing?


What part of the shampoo comb is used to smooth the hair?


What should the professional wear when applying a chemical relaxer?


The two forms of neutralizers are non-lathering and?


What form of hydroxide relaxer requires NO application of protective cream?


What area of the head is the relaxer test performed?


The five areas of analysis performed during the consultation are scalp condition, density, elasticity, texture and?

reapply relaxer

What step is next if hair has not achieved desired curl reduction during relaxation test?

follow manufacturer's instruction

How many times is a lathering neutralizer applied to newly relaxed hair?


What percentage of curl is removed for moderate curl relaxation?

Madam CJ. Walker

Who invented the " Wonderful Hair Grower"?

protective cream

What is applied at the hairline and scalp for a "base-form" relaxer?


What is another name for neutralizer used in the chemical processing?


Which hydroxide relaxer has the lowest pH and can be used on less resistant hair?

tight curl

What type of curl pattern does very curly hair have?


Which strength relaxer is best suited for medium textured hair?

ammonium thioglycolate

Which relaxer is compatible with a soft curl permanent?


What part of comb could cause hair breakage and should be avoided when applying relaxer?


What percentage of curl is removed for maximum relaxation?

increases it

What does the ingredient ammonia in the thioglycolate relaxer do to its alkalinity?


Which strength relaxer is best used on resistant and coarse hair?


What hair usually lacks a sufficient amount of moisture?


What part of the relaxing procedure accelerated curl reduction?


What ingredient in protective cream allows it to spread easier?


When is a preliminary strand test performed in a relaxation procedure?


Which type of relaxer requires the hair to be shampooed prior to relaxer application?

1/4 inch 0.6 cm

What size partings are used for the application of the relaxer product?

closes it/lock it

What does the neutralizer do to the cuticle of the hair?


What area of the hair analysis greatly affects absorption of the chemical solution?

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