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Occurs when an object casts a shadow on another object.

Force of Gravity

This pulls the earth and moon toward each other.

Neap Tide

Occurs when the sun is at right angles to the Earth and the moon.


A person standing in here would see a partial solar eclipse.


A person standing in here would see a total solar eclipse.

Spring Tide

Occurs when the sun, moon and Earth line up.


Caused by the moon's pull on different parts of earth

Solar Eclipse

Occurs when the moon passes between the Earth and the sun.

Lunar Eclipse

Occurs at a full moon when the Earth is between the moon and the sun.

Moon phases

Caused by how much of the sunlit side faces the Earth.


In a solar eclipse, this blocks the sun's light.


In a lunar eclipse, this blocks the sun's light.


Which is a smaller, darker, cone shaped area, the umbra or penumbra?


How many tides are there each day?

High Tide

This tide happens on the side of the earth that faces the moon AND on the opposite side of the earth.

Low Tide

This tide happens on the sides of the earth facing AWAY from the moon.

Spring Tides

These tides can be very high or very low. The earth, moon and sun line up in a straight line.

Neap Tides

These tides are not too high or too low. The earth, moon and sun are in an L shape, or right angle.

29.5 days

How long it takes the moon to make one full revolution around the earth.


The same side of this satellite always faces the earth.

29.5 days

The length of the lunar cycle.

New Moon

The sky is dark when this moon is in the sky.

Full Moon

The sky is bright when this moon is in the sky.


The moon rises and sets at a different ________ each day.

Right side

After a new moon, this side of the moon is illuminated first.

Moon phases

Go to your Quizlet set called Moon Phases (pictures only) and be able to match the picture to the name of the 8 phases!

25 days

The length of the TIDE cycle.

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