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Salon Safety


The five signs of an infection are heat, ache, redness, pus and?


Which bacteria cause boils and pustules?

Warm and dirty

In what type of environment do bacteria grow and reproduce?


To dispense products from large containers, use a?


What aids in the movement of both the bacilli and spirilla bacteria?

Stop Performing service

The first step in a blood spill procedure is to?


Which air elimination system expels air outside the salon and brings fresh air back into salon?


Which chemical can safety be used on the skin?


Which type of bacteria produces strep throat?

itch mite

What animal parasite burrows under the skin?


What is the strong outer casing that covers some bacteria?


The body's ability to fight off bacteria or viruses that enter the body is referred to as?


The three ways in which a product may enter or contact the body are, smell, taste and?


What form is mandated by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration OSHA for every chemical used within a

Head louse

The disease pediculosis comes from the animal parasite called?


Which type of bacteria had a spiral shape?


How much bacteria is possibly destroyed when disinfecting surfaces and/or implements?

divides in half

What happens to the bacterial cell in the reproduction phase?


Any tool or material dropped on the floor is to be disinfected or?

Mouth and Ears

How can bacteria enter the body?


What is the thick yellowish liquid at the site of an infection?


Which virus attacks the liver?

20 seconds

How many seconds do you wash hands for effective bacteria and dirt removal?

Decreases it

What does an antiseptic do to the growth of bacteria?


What happens to the bacterial cell in the active stage?

herpes simplex

Which virus produces fever blisters?


Hygienic living consists of daily bathing, frequents hand washing and the use of?


Which level of controlling infection DOES NOT kill bacteria?


Which type of bacteria is considered harmful?


Which parasite is considered a plant parasite?

Seeing eye dog

What type of animal is allowed on the salon/spa premises?

Dental Floss and Mouth wash

Oral hygiene consists of brushing your teeth and using?


Sodium hypochlorite is a disinfectant commonly known as?

HIV-Human immunodeficiency

Which virus weakens the immune system?

pimple with pus

What is indicative of a local infection?


Pathogenic bacteria are also referred to as germs or?

Blood Spill

When wound occurs within the salon, the professional term used is?

Air purification system

Which method of air quality control takes existing air, cleanses it by filtration and forces it back into salon?

congested nose

The early warnings of product overexposure are sore throat, itchy eyes and?

styptic cream

What is applied to the blood spill wound for treatment?

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