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indentured servants

men and women who sold thier labor to a person that would finance their passage to the colonies

representative assembly

the House of Burgesses was one of the first of these

Bacon's Rebellion

a rebellion by poor, landless settlers agains wealthy Virginia landowners


William Penn established Pennsylvania as a colony where _____ could live accordingly to their beliefs that all people could live in peace and harmony


a countries power is based on how much wealth it has (reason for the English colonies)

Tobacco (plantations)

The colony of Virginia was helped most in being a success by growing what?

Mayflower Compact

The agreement written by the Pilgrims in Massachusetts that provided for self-government was called?

Fundamental Orders of Conecticut

A constitution that some Puritan colonists wrote to govern themselves was?

Religious Freedom

Puritans, Quakers, and Pilgrims came to the English colonies for what reason?

Slaves from Africa

The need for agricultural workers in teh early southern colonies led to using?


This group controlled the colony of New York that surrendered to England in 1664 by Governor Peter Stuyvesant.

Transportation and Trade

Why did most colonial farmers settle near oceans or coastal waterways?

House of Burgesses

An important step in the development of democracy in colonial America because it allowed citizens a say in government.

Atlantic Coast

This region of the United States was the first permanent English settlement.

Religious Toleration

This belief allows others to practice their own religion.


James Oglethorpe founded this colony to allow debtors (people who owed money) to go somewhere besides prison.

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