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he time during which the South was rebuilt after the Civil War


the study of citizenship


an inhabitant of a city or town who is entitled to rights and privileges

civil rights

the rights guaranteed to all citizens by the Constitution


a plan of government

Bill of Rights

a document containing a formal statement of rights and privileges

due process

a course of formal proceedings carried out regularly and in accordance with established rules and principles


a duty; something a person is expected to do


a change


a government in which the people rule

spatial patterns

the pattern of events or the way they take place


the way people of a state, region or country use resources to meet their needs


the contest among companies to get the most customers or sell the most goods


a person who sets up and runs a business


the men, women, and children who had once been slaves


the practice of holding people against their will and making them carry out orders


a system of working the land in which the worker was paid with a "share" of the crop

Jim Crow laws

segregation laws (state and local)

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