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"slice of life" realism


presentational style that exposes the devices of the theater


dramatic form that uses representative iconic imagery

theatre of cruelty

presentational style that bombards the audiences senses

Henrik Ibsen

Norwegian realist playwright

August Strindberg

Swedish realist playwright

Anton Chekhov

Russian realist playwright

George Bernard Shaw

major playwright of the independent theater movement

Konstantin Stanislavski

invented an "internal" performance style

Vsevolod Meyerhold

invented an "external" performance style

epic theater

dramatic form developed by Bertholt Brecht

theater of the absurd

dramatic form that idealizes life as ridiculous and illogical


"light opera" made famous by Gilbert & Sullivan


the dialogue and lyrics of a musical


smaller NYC theaters outside of Times Square area


"non-traditional" NYC performance spaces

four categories of theatre in Modern Era

Realism, Anti-Realism, Traditional and Experimental

the "father" of the american musical

George M. Cohan

The first "book" musical


Great Composer of Modern Era

Cole Porter

Great American Playwright of Modern Era

Neil Simon

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