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  1. Roy learns from this quote that following his heart can be a good thing. He steps up and protects the owls
  2. Simile
  3. Mullet Fingers
  4. Stand up for what you believe in, Perseverance and Adapting/ being flexible
  5. Carl Hiaasen
  1. a What are the three main recurring themes in the novel Hoot?
  2. b Why is this quote important, "You have to decide between your head and your heart?"
  3. c What is the name of the author of the novel Hoot?
  4. d a figure of speech that compares two unlike things that have something in common using the words "like" or "as"
  5. e Who puts the gators in potties in the potties, deflates the tires, and pulls out stakes again?

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  1. She looked as if she'd just won the lottery.
  2. Who was the important reporter in the story?
  3. Perseveres through injury, refuses help, feeds owls
  4. What important secondary/minor character is a bully?
  5. Is that this statement true or false, Mullet Fingers buried himself in an owl hole in a school playground?

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  1. because Dana is slow and fat, therefore he is assuring his escapeWhat is the key issue in this quote, "You have to decide between your head and your heart?"


  2. Napoleon Bridger Leeptells Roy to mind his own business


  3. EberhardtWhat is Roy's last name?


  4. Roy EberhardtWho said this quote "You have to decide between your head and your heart?"


  5. impatient, cranky, rude, self-centered, pressured by bossWhat is the EXACT last line of the novel, Hoot?