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  1. Councilman Bruce Grandy
  2. First Person Narrator
  3. Kelly Colfax
  4. Roy Eberhardt
  5. Climax
  1. a the most significant and exciting moment in a plot, a turning point when the outcome is decided one way or another
  2. b one of the characters tells the story using the pronoun, "I." We only know what this character thinks, feels, and observes.
  3. c Who had the environmental papers in their golf bag?
  4. d Who punched Dana in the nose?
  5. e Who was the important reporter in the story?

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  1. What key event led up to the quote? "You have to decide between your head and your heart?"
  2. Roy runs off to find running boy and he is hit by a ___________.
  3. Who is Curly's boss?
  4. Roy gets suspended from the bus for __________.
  5. Perseveres through injury, refuses help, feeds owls

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  1. Third Person Narrator"all-knowing narrator" - a narrator outside the story tells the tale. This narrator knows everything about all the characters and their problems.


  2. LeepIs this statement true or false, T/F Roy lied to Dana about stashing ciggies in his house?


  3. MathersonWho does Mullet Fingers escape with?


  4. Settinga figure of speech that compares two unlike things that have something in common using the words "like" or "as"


  5. Roy is struggling to figure out the right thing to doWho had the environmental papers in their golf bag?