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  1. Roy Eberhardt
  2. Dana Matherson
  3. ambitious/ determined/ pushy/ eager, caring/concerned, smart
  4. First Person Narrator
  5. Mullet Fingers
  1. a Who does Mullet Fingers escape with?
  2. b Perseveres through injury, refuses help, feeds owls
  3. c one of the characters tells the story using the pronoun, "I." We only know what this character thinks, feels, and observes.
  4. d What are Officer Delinko's top 3 key traits?
  5. e Who is the speaker in this quote,"I'm glad we got the chance to get to know each other a little better." ?

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  1. Who said "I'm glad we got the chance to get to know each other a little better?"
  2. What is the setting of the novel Hoot?
  3. What are Beatrice's top key 4 traits?
  4. Who puts the gators in potties in the potties, deflates the tires, and pulls out stakes again?
  5. Which character is very passionate and independent?

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  1. Similea concrete object used to represent an abstract idea in a story


  2. Carl HiaasenWhat is Dana's last name?


  3. Roy'sHe was gripped with curiosity as the running boy dashed through one neat green yard after another, getting smaller in ______ vision as he put a wider distance between himself and the school bus.


  4. FalseIs that this statement true or false, Mullet Fingers buried himself in an owl hole in a school playground?


  5. Adapting/being flexibletells Roy to mind his own business


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