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  1. Beatrice Leep
  2. Mullet Fingers
  3. Stand up for what you believe in, Perseverance and Adapting/ being flexible
  4. Roy Eberhardt
  5. That's what a real Florida boy would do.
  1. a Which character is very passionate and independent?
  2. b tells Roy to mind his own business
  3. c Who is the speaker in this quote,"I'm glad we got the chance to get to know each other a little better." ?
  4. d What are the three main recurring themes in the novel Hoot?
  5. e What is the EXACT last line of the novel, Hoot?

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  1. What is the name of the author of the novel Hoot?
  2. Is this statement true or false, T/F Roy lied to Dana about stashing ciggies in his house?
  3. Roy get suspended from bus for two weeks and has to write a(n) ____________ to Dana.
  4. Who is the audience in the quote, "You have to decide between your head and your heart?"
  5. Is that this statement true or false, Mullet Fingers buried himself in an owl hole in a school playground?

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  1. MathersonWhat important secondary/minor character is a bully?


  2. impatient, cranky, rude, self-centered, pressured by bossWhat is the setting of the novel Hoot?


  3. Roy's bedroomWhere does this quote take place, "You have to decide between your head and your heart?"


  4. Roy EberhardtWho said, "In one corner of the lot, there's a construction trailer. That's where the cigarettes are stashed?"


  5. Roy EberhardtWhat is Roy's last name?