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Niagara Falls
A physical feature that lies between Ontario and New York
British and French
The two ethnic groups that most Canadians originate from
Hunting seals, whales, and walruses
How Inuits adapted to the extreme cold of the far north
British Columbia
The first province to have a major Asian population
Immigration and job opportunities
The reason Canada's major cities have increased in size
British Columbia
This province is known for its rainy winters and mild temperatures
Grand Banks
A place that is ideal for growing plankton that fish like to eat
Rocky Mountains
One of the physical features that the United States and Canada share
United States
Canada's main trading partner
Transcontinental railroad
This helped to link British Columbia with eastern provinces
Canadian Shield
This area contains most of Canada's mineral deposits
Northern location
The main reason for Canada's cold climate
Canadian Shield
A region of lakes, swamps, and rocky uplands
Northern Canada
A region of almost no trees
Quebec and Ontario
Where more than half of all Canadians live
A territory of Canada that has its own culture and government
The capital of Canada
Maritime Provinces
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Princde Edward Island
A province that has French as its main language
One of the most culturally diverse cities in the world
France and England
The two countries that competed for control of Canada
Upper and Lower Canada
What the British divided Canada into
Softened wood fibers
Arctic Ocean
Located north of Canada
The first Europeans to settle in Canada, but later abandoned their settlements