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Latin For Children Book A Chapter 30 Vocab with Macrons


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absum, abesse, afuī, abfutūrum
to be absent
adsum, adesse, adfuī, adfutūrum
to be present
abeō, abīre, abiī, abitum
to go away
adeō, adīre, adiī, aditum
to approach
exeō, exīre, exiī, exitum
to go out
cēnō, cēnāre, cēnāvī, cēnātum
to dine
cantō, cantāre, cantāvī, cantātum
to sing
appellō, appellāre, appellāvī, appellātum
to name
accūsō, accūsāre, accūsāvī, accūsātum
to accuse
commemmorō, commemmorāre, commemmorāvī, commemmorātum
to remember

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