Past Perfect Continuous

15 terms by kris-pablovi

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I had been studying Arabic at that time

En aquel tiempo yo había estado estudiando árabe

My mother had been cleaning the house all day

Mi madre había estado limpiando la casa todo el día

It had been raining all day

Había estado lloviendo todo el día

We had been working hard

Habíamos estado trabajando duro

The children had been playing outside

Los niños habían estado jugando afuera

They had been driving all day

Habían estado manejando todo el día

He had been practicing his English with us

Él había estado practicando su inglés con nosotros

Pieces of the building had been falling one by one

Pedazos del edificio se habían estado cayendo uno por uno

It looked like he had been crying

Pareció que el había estado llorando

They had been watching the movie for an hour when we arrived

Habían estado mirando la película por una hora cuando llegamos

I had been running with my mother

He estado corriendo con Mi mama

You had been filming the movie

Tu has estado filmando la pelicula

she had been struggling with the dog

Ella ha estado luchando con el perro

they had been wondering all day

Ellos han estado callejeando todo el dia

We had been buying clothes

Habiamos estado comprando Ropa

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