Wordly Wise Book 11, Lesson 11

15 terms by madi_harmon

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v.1. To make or become thin
2. To lessen the amount, force, or value of


n. Something or someone of enormous size or power


v. To remove from a grave or tomb; to dig up


v.1. To go beyond desirable or established limits; to encroach
2. To come into contact with, esp. forcefully


adj. Having many forms; varied, versatile


n. A combination of words that seem to be contradictory


n. An ample amount; an abundance


v. To assume as a fact based on the best available evidence
n. Something assumed to be self-evident; a fundamental principle


v.1. To prove superior in power or strength
2. To remain in effect or use; to be current or widespread


v. To become rotten or decayed, giving off a foul odor


adj. Beneficial to health or well-being


adj. Fresh and juicy


n. Flat, treeless plains of the arctic regions


adj. Leaving no room for misunderstanding; unambiguous


n.pl. Fluctuations in conditions; changes of fortune

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