chapter 15 network management

A software routine that collects data about a managed device's operation and provides it to the network management application running on the console.
asset management
The process of identifying and tracking an organization's assets, such as hardware and software
The process of reverting to a previous version of a software application after attempting to upgrade it.
A flaw in software or hardware that causes it to malfunction
cache engine
A network device devoted to storage and delivery of frequently requested files
The local storage of frequently needed files that would otherwise be obtained from an external source
Communications Assistance for Law enforcement Act
A United States federal regulation that requires telecommunications carriers and equipment manufactures to provide for surveillance capabilities. This was passed by Congress in 1994 after pressure from the FBI, which worried that networks relying solely on digital communications would circumvent traditional wiretapping strategies
event log
The service on Windows based operating systems that record events, or the ongoing record of such events.
configuration management
The collection, storage, and assessment of information related to the versions of software installed on every network device and every device's hardware configuration.
Event Viewer
A GUI application that allows users to easily view and sort events recorded in the event log on a computer running a Windows based operating system.
fault management
The detection and signaling of device link or component faults
A federal regulation in the United States enacted in 1996. One aspect of this regulation addresses the security and privacy of medical records, including those stored or transmitted electronically
MIB(Management Information Base)
A database used in network management that contains a device's definitions of managed objects and their data
MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher)
A command line utility that uses SNMP to poll devises, collects data in a log file, and then generates HTML based views of the data. This is freely distributed software originally written by Tobias Octikr, a networking professional who in the early 1990's saw a need for a tool to regularly ensure the status of his organizations's WAN link
network diagram
A graphical representation of a network's devices and connections
A correction, improvement, or enhancement to part of a software application often distributed at no charge by software vendors to fix a bug in their code or to add slightly more functionality.
performance management
The ongoing assessment of how well network link, devices and components keep up with demands on them.
A network management application's regular collection of data from managed devices.
service pack
A significant patch to one of the Microsoft Windows operating systems
SNMP( Simple Network Management Protocol)
An Application layer protocol in the TCP/IP suite used to convey data regarding the status of manged devices on a network.
system log
On a computer running UNIX or Linux operation systems, the recored of monitored events which can range in priory from 0 to 7 (where 0 indicated and emergency situation and 7 simply points to information that might help in debugging a problem) You can view and modify system log locations and configurations in the file /ect.syslog.conf file on most systems
traffic policing
A traffic shaping technique in which the volume or rate of traffic traversing an interface is limited to a predefined maximum.
traffic shaping
Manipulating certain characteristics of packets, data streams or connections to mange the type and amount of traffic traversing a network or interface at any moment
A major change to the existing code in a software application, which may or may not be offered free from a vendor, and may or may not be comprehensive enough to substitute for the original application.
Web caching
A technique in which Web pages are stored locally, either on a host or network, and then delivered to requesters more quickly than if they had been obtained from the original source.
wiring schematic
A graphical representation of a network's wired infrastructure.