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Meiosis and its stages


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Prophase 1
The chromosomes condense, and the nuclear envelope breaks down. crossing-over occurs.
Metaphase 1
Pairs of homologous chromosomes move to the equator of the cell.
Anaphase 1
Homologous chrmosomes move to the oppisite poles of the cell.
Telophase 1
Chromosomes gather at the poles of the cells. the cytoplasm divides.
Prophase 2
A new spidle forms around the chromosomes.
Metaphase 2
Chromosomes line up at the equator.
Anaphase 2
Centromeres divides. chromatids move to the opposite poles of the cells.
Telophase 2
A nuclear envelope forms around each set of chromosomes. the cytoplasm divides.
Random Fertilization
The different possibilities of sperms mixing with an egg to produce a unique zygote.
Synapsis is the pairing of two homologous chromosomes that occurs during meiosis. Happens during prophase 1
Genetic Variation
It makes the genes different.
Independent Assortment
The formation of random combinations of chromosomes in meiosis. Happens during metaphase 1