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Dot coms

Internet based companies


the corporate practice of relocating production, manufacturing, or customer service to lower-cost overseas locations


The corporate practice of using third-party contractors to supply raw goods, manufacturing, or services.

Database administrator

Analyzes a company's data to determine the most effective way to collect and store it.

VAR(value added resaler)

combines commercially available products with specialty hardware or software to create a computer system designed to meet the needs of a specific industry.

Network specialist/administrator

plans, installs, and maintains one or more local area networks.

Software engineer

takes a disciplined approach to developing software that is reliable, efficient, affordable, user-friendly, and scalable.

computer engineer

designs and test new hardware products, such as computer chips, circuit boards, computers and peripheral devices.

Technical writer

creates documentation for large programming projects and writes the online or printed users manuals that accompany computers, peripheral devices, and software.

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