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  1. hemoglobin
  2. calmodulin
  3. non heme iron absorption is enhanced by
  4. osteoporosis
  5. cretinism
  1. a loss of calcium from trabecular bone
  2. b protein activated by calcium that helps maintain blood pressure
  3. c oxygen carrying protein in erythrocytes (RBCs)
  4. d congenital disease characterized by mental and physical retardation caused from iodine deficiency during pregnancy...severe mental and physical retardation
  5. e MFP factor
    vitamin c

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  1. may play a role in brain activity
  2. sodium (Na+)
    potassium (K+)
    calcium (Ca+)
    magnesium (Mg++)
  3. males don't develop capacity to reproduce...zinc deficiency
  4. discoloration and pitting of tooth enamel from excess fluoride during tooth development
  5. weight gain and slow BMR from iodine deficiency...goiter

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  1. cobalta mineral that works with an enzyme to facilitate a chemical reaction


  2. non heme iron absorption is inhibited byMFP factor
    vitamin c


  3. heme ironfound in animals


  4. calcitoninsodium (Na+)
    potassium (K+)
    calcium (Ca+)
    magnesium (Mg++)


  5. 10% of iron consumed isheme iron