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  1. heme iron
  2. acrodermatitis enteropathica
  3. 99% of calcium is found in
  4. phytates
  5. hypothyroidism
  1. a weight gain and slow BMR from iodine deficiency...goiter
  2. b found in animals
  3. c rare inherited zinc melabsorption disease
  4. d legumes and grains, and seeds
  5. e bone and teeth

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  1. functions in bone and collagen formation
  2. loss of calcium from trabecular bone
  3. bind with minerals and prevent their absorption
  4. 90 or below is normal
  5. phytates
    tannic acid (tea/coffee)

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  1. hemochromatosishereditary iron metabolism defect leading to iron deposits in tissues (toxicity of iron)


  2. magnesium is critical tohigh calcium


  3. hypogandismmales don't develop capacity to reproduce...zinc deficiency


  4. boronmay play a role in brain activity


  5. wilson's diseasecopper accumulates in liver and brain--copper toxicity


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