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  1. magnesium is critical to
  2. diastolic
  3. non heme iron absorption is enhanced by
  4. 90% of iron consumed is
  5. 1% of calcium is found in
  1. a MFP factor
    vitamin c
  2. b body fluids
  3. c 90 or below is normal
  4. d non heme iron
  5. e nerve transmission/muscle contraction of HEART

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  1. may play a role in brain activity
  2. oxygen holding protein in muscle cells
  3. legumes and grains, and seeds
  4. males don't develop capacity to reproduce...zinc deficiency
  5. a mineral that works with an enzyme to facilitate a chemical reaction

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  1. minerals involeved in bone healthpotassium/sodium


  2. simple goiterenlargement of thyroid gland due to iodine deficiency and thyroid gland malfunction


  3. calcium rigerlow calcium


  4. acrodermatitis enteropathicarare inherited zinc melabsorption disease


  5. parathyroid hormoneweight gain and slow BMR from iodine deficiency...goiter