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  1. osteoporosis
  2. wilson's disease
  3. minerals involeved in bone health
  4. 10% of iron consumed is
  5. hypogandism
  1. a copper accumulates in liver and brain--copper toxicity
  2. b males don't develop capacity to reproduce...zinc deficiency
  3. c heme iron
  4. d calcium, phosphorous, magnesium
  5. e loss of calcium from trabecular bone

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  1. MFP factor
    vitamin c
  2. decreases calcium
  3. functions as cofactor for several enzymes
  4. long term dietary/supplementary iron overload--deposits of iron storage protein hemosiderin in liver and other tissues (toxicity of iron)
  5. oxygen carrying protein in erythrocytes (RBCs)

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  1. minerals involved in fluid balancecalcium, phosphorous, magnesium


  2. heme ironfound in animals


  3. 1% of calcium is found inbone and teeth


  4. parathyroid hormoneweight gain and slow BMR from iodine deficiency...goiter


  5. non heme ironfound in animals