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A tactic used against your opponent where you make your opponent appear more qualified or reputable than they are so that they are doomed to fail.


Tactic used by politicians in which one sets expectations low intentionally so that they are guaranteed to exceed them.


This term originally used by dishonest carnival men turned painters refers, in politics, to the reliance on appearances that hold up long enough for a politician to get what they want.

Mitt Romney

Ted Kennedy followed the rule "play your ______" and defeated (person) ______ _______ in the 1994 Massachusetts senate race.


Ted Kennedy defeated his opponent in the 1994 senate race, because his opponent did not know the estimated cost of his proposed ________ plan.

False (It did not reduce the deficit at all; HOWEVER it won major points for Reagan in PR because he appeared to the people be a concerned, responsible President.)

T or F:
The 1982 budget summit was a success for Reagan because the agreements reached reduced the deficit significantly.

Ballot A

Element of a fundraising survey that was sent out by Congressional Republicans during the 1982 elections; gave constituents the option to indicate if they would support optional Social Security; the democrats used this as "negative research" against the Republicans.

hole; digging

Rule: "When you're in a ______ stop ________."


Matthews says that " lowballing is the blunter cousin of ______."


President Carter practiced lowballing in this state during the 1980 primary season.

short term

Matthews says "the smartest thing anyone in a position of responsibility can do is pick a modest ____ _____ goal."

Dwight Eisenhower

Which president faced the "vexing problem" of dealing with Senator Joseph McCarthy and his hunt for Communists?

creating new commandments

Eisenhower practiced this when he declared the practice of "not engaging in personalities" with Senator McCarthy


Which president feared being recorded as the "Kennedy family caretaker?"

ill; fellow Republican

Fill in Reagan's 11th Commandment:
" Thou shalt not speak ___ of a ______ ________.

passing the buck

What phrase describes the much-criticized "shifting onto someone else the responsibility of making a tough call."

Truman; buck

President ________ had a plaque on his desk that read: "The _____ stops here."


Which president does Matthews call a "genius for delegation?"

the commission

What was Reagan's modified form of "buck passing?" (term for one of his many small boards created to carry out responsibilities)

success; failure

JFK (and for some reason Gillian on Boardwalk Empire) once said "______ has many fathers but ______ is an orphan."

Inchon landing

Matthews calls this the "ultimate PR move;" the term comes from General Douglas MacArthur's strategies in the Korean War; it means a raid from behind enemy lines.

do nothing

The 80th Congress was nicknamed the ___ _____ Congress by President Harry Truman.


"Rule: To confound the competition, seize the ground ______ them."

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