Renal (Glomerulus and urine formation)

Capillary network enclosed by bowmans capsule; filtration takes place from the glomerulus to the bowmans capsule
Glomelular Filtration / Tubular Reabsorption / Tubular Secretion
What are the 3 major processes in the formation of urine
Glomelular Filtration
(Takes place in the renal corpuscles) Blood pressure forces plasma, dissolved substances, and small proteins out of the glomeruli into the bowmans capsules. Fluid is no longer called plasma but rather renal filtrate.
Tubular Reabsorption
(Takes place in renal tubules into peritubular capillaries . In a 24 hour period the kidneys form 150 to 180 liter of filtrate & normal urinary output for that time is 1 to 2 liters.
Active Transport / Passive Transport / osmosis / pinocytosis
What are 4 mechanisms of re absorption
Active Transport
cells of renal tubule use atp to transport most of useful materials from filtrate to the blood
re absorption of water , minerals, especially sodium ions