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  1. exotic
    ex: calypso's island
  2. repition of constant sounds at the beginning of words
  3. repetition of vowel sounds in words
    "we felt the pressure on our hearts, in dread"
  4. when the reader knows something the character doesn't
    Ex: when Eumaeus, Penelope and Telemachus don't know the Beggar is Odysseus when we do
  5. long narrative poem

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  1. epic plotlarger-than-life, super human, cunning, confident, clever, archetypal figure, known to dismiss warnings
    Ex: Odysseus


  2. epic similean extended simile


  3. imagerythe ability to form mental images of things or events


  4. subject analysisbreaking down subject matter into specific topics and concepts it includes.


  5. innvocationrepition of constant sounds at the beginning of words