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  1. representing or constituting an original type after which other similar things are patterned
    Ex: Calypso represents womens fondness of nature
  2. when the reader knows something the character doesn't
    Ex: when Eumaeus, Penelope and Telemachus don't know the Beggar is Odysseus when we do
  3. larger-than-life, super human, cunning, confident, clever, archetypal figure, known to dismiss warnings
    Ex: Odysseus
  4. long journey, complicated
    Ex: the odessey
  5. breaking down subject matter into specific topics and concepts it includes.

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  1. epic simileexotic
    ex: calypso's island


  2. assonancerepetition of vowel sounds in words
    "we felt the pressure on our hearts, in dread"


  3. epithetlong narrative poem


  4. innvocationcalling on a God or deity


  5. epicnaming someone in a way that helps you memorize them, characterize a person/thing
    Ex:"My quiet Penelope"