My Lai massacre


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About how many civilians were killed
Nearly 500
Tet Offense
A coordinated series of fierce attacks on more than 100 cities and towns in South Vietnam.
Who commited this massacre?
The C company of the first battalion of the United States Army corp.
Who led the Charlie company in this massacre
Lt. William L. Calley
Why did these U.S. Soldiers commit this mass killing
The Charlie Company were given false information to destroy the village because the Army commanders stated that all who where found in the village were part of the VC or VC sympathizers.
On what day did this massacre occur?
March 16, 1968
What village was this event held
My Lai
Who started the offical investigation of what happened at My Lai?
Ron Ridenhour
How many men were pressed with charges for the massacre
25 plus Lt. William Calley
How many years was Lt. William Calley sentenced with?
A life time
What was the movement "free Calley"?
The movement that said Lt. Calley was innocent because he was only following orders
the "free Calley" movement was able to?
Free calley in 3 years