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Theology- parables and sermon on the mount


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Golden rule
Do unto others as you want them to do unto you
Tell us that happiness does not lie in money, possessions, power, or prestige, but instead it comes from showing mercy, hungering for righteousness, and making peace
The human desire for this comes from God, is placed in the human heart
Effects are receiving sanctifying grace, coming to share in the life of the blessed trinity, become adopted child of God, gives us a new relationship with other believers, transforms us into a new creature who has become a "partaker of the divine nature", member of Christ and co-heir with him, and a temple of the Holy Spirit
Sanctifying grace
A supernatural gift of God by which our sins are forgiven, we are made holy, and our friendship with God is restored
Sanctifying grace
A free gift from God, we don't earn it
Jesus' _______ was also about us because in Baptism we are baptized into Christ's death so that when we die, we may share in his __________
a state of eternal life and union with God, in which one experiences full happiness and the satisfaction of the deepest human longings
came accessible to us through Jesus' death and Resurrection
holy water
one of the ways the Catholic funeral and the liturgy of Baptism connect with each other, sprinkling of this on the coffin or urn with this reminds us if the saving waters at Baptism
funeral pall
one of the ways the Catholic funeral and the liturgy of Baptism connect with each other, the covering of the coffin with this is a sign of Christian dignity which calls to mind the baptismal garment of the deceased, at baptism they say may you bring this white garment untarnished to the Resurrection
Paschal Candle
one of the ways the Catholic funeral and the liturgy of Baptism connect with each other, reminds us of Christ's undying presence among us and to remind us of his victory over sin and death, and of their share in that victory by virtue of their initiation
one of the ways the Catholic funeral and the liturgy of Baptism connect with each other, putting this on the coffin is a sign of honor to the body of the deceased within and through Baptism became a Temple of the Holy Spirit
a personal, vital (necessary for life), and intimate connection
the raising of ones mind (making ourselves aware of God's presence), and heart (worshipping God) to God
prayer of petition
a prayer form in which you ask God for something you need
intercessory prayer
a prayer in which you ask God's help for other peoples needs
Lord's prayer
teaches us about the Trinity, also teaches us that Jesus, the Eternal Son of God, who assumed human nature, has revealed God the Father to us,
God the ______ is who you pray the Lord's prayer to
God the ______ is who taught us the Lord's prayer, inviting us as God's adoptive children to share his intimate relationship with him
Holy Spirit
is the love between God the Father and God the Son
Jesus' actions teach us that this is a necessity, the strong foundation in which all aspects of life can rest, without this our lives are overburdened or meaningless, but when this is in our life every thought, word and deed can be transformed directly toward loving service to God and our neighbor
crucial for Catholics because it helps us to unite more fully with Christ,it unites us with our fellow Christians and coming to the poor
penance and reconciliation
crucial for Catholics because it helps us to experience consolation and healing of God's grace and mercy
when we ____ it effects all creation (not just individuals)
prayer is the _______ of the soul
the teachings of Jesus during the Sermon on the Mount in which he describes the actions and attitudes that should characterize Christians and by which one can discover genuine meaning and happiness, mentions the unexpected people such as the poor and the weak
Lenten practices
prayer, fasting, and almsgiving
Lenten practice in which Jesus urges us to pray sincerely, seeking God's presence with humanity, and we are not pray in a way that tries to draw the approval of others
Lenten practice in which Jesus invites us to do this as an act of genuine receptance, not as a ploy to impress other people
Lenten practice in which where Jesus wants us to share generously with our sisters and brothers in need, we should act out with an authentic desire to lessen their suffering and we are not to seek reward or recognition for ourselves
a story uses metaphors based in daily life to convey religious truths
generally start with "The Kingdom of God"
short, memorable, powerful, through provoking, and often contain a twist, often contains a twist
lost sheep, lost coin, lost son
parables that teach us that no matter how long we have been lost in sin or how far away we have strayed, it is never to late to turn our hearts back toward God and the Kingdom of God
is always looking for us with intimate mercy
rich man
Jesus asked him to sell everything that he had and give it to the poor in order to inherit eternal life, Jesus asked him to do this because he wants him to live a life that is focused not on acquiring more possessions but on caring for those in need
rich man and lazarus
parable that jesus tells, once you die you can no longer ask for forgiveness
Greatest Commandments
they are "you shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your strength", (comes from Deuteronomy) and "You shall love your neighbor as yourself"(comes from Laveticus)
first 3 commandments
the commandments that tell us about loving God that we must worship and pray faithfully resisting the temptation to make other things more important than God, we are to speak God's name only in revernce, love, and respect, never using it in a way that expresses hatred, dishonesty, or violence, and we are to respect the sacredness of Sunday by participation of the Eucharist, resting from our usual business of work or school, enjoying time with friends and family
1st commandment
commandment that says put God first
2nd commandment
prayer, don't use God's name in vain
3rd commandment
sabbath day, lord's day we celebrate Eucharist, go to Mass, and avoiding unnecessary workwor
Last Judgement
the standard by which all people be judged is the "sheep" who are consistently help the needs of the suffering by offering food, drink, clothing, hospitality care and companionship
parable of the sheep and the goats
the significance of Jesus' teaching of this was that shortly before his passion was that as he is about to undertake the saving work of his suffering and death, Jesus teaches the disciples that their lives of generous service must embody the same spirit of willing sacrifice that lies at the heart of his life and his death
Revealed to us that
-we are fully human
-we all have equally great dignity
-we are all children of God
-we are called to be holy
The fullness of Christian life and the perfection of charity -lumen Gentium, Vatican II (CCC 2013)
Is holy. He died for us because he wanted to sanctify us and make us holy
Universal call to holiness
Is all about Jesus christ, live this out by listening and following Jesus Christ
Universal call to holiness
The greatest mission in our lives
Priesthood, marriage, religious (consecrated) life
Vocations (are the particular calls to the universal call to holiness)
If we are not concerned about this we won't be able to acknowledge our sinfulness
Sermon on the mount
Was used in the early church as instruction for converts to the faith
Number of beatitudes in Matthew
Number of beatitudes in Luke
Committing adultery in the heart
For those who persecute you
Law of moses
Jesus fulfills this (The letter of the law) by presenting His law (spirit of the law-what's under the surface)
_____ of the earth, flavors and preserves
_____ of the world, dispels darkness and radiates heat
Two foundations
Build your "house" on solid teaching of Christ- stand against the "storms" of life
Four woes
Direct parallel to the beatitudes in Luke
In beatitudes portrayed Jesus as new moses
In beatitudes portrayed Jesus as one with the poor, "rock"
Name means "rock", first pope
Lord's Prayer
Intentions of Jesus- our father... Ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened
Jesus says "you have heard it said" about this
Giving the spirit of law, Jesus said "but what I say to you is" (law of Christ)
Perfect, merciful
Be _______ as your heavenly father is ______
Sermon on the mount was the first of _ lessons that Jesus taught
Younger son, father, elder son
Main characters of the return of the prodigal son
Return of the prodigal son
Luke 15:11-32
Famous painting of the return of her prodigal son by him
A complete turning away from god
______ where it cannot be found- material wealth, honor, and pleasure, etc
Returning to childhood
The younger son recognizing his dependency God as a loving father
Coming home
The younger son takes a long journey of trusting in the total forgiveness of God
Becomes the true prodigal son
Younger son
He Rejects his father, searches where it cannot be found, returns to his childhood, and comes home
Elder son
He comes from the fields, has resentment, and is without joy
Coming from the fields
The elder son is living a good life, following all of the rules, but he is not happy because he doesn't have a loving relationship with the father
The elder son has this, comparing ourselves to those who may not deserve the love, we are already very gifted
Without joy
The elder son complains to the father because he is...
In the prodigal of the lost son he always welcomes us home, gives the very best to all, desires his son, and has an invitation to joy
Is waiting for us as a father and a mother through confessions and the sacraments
We do not find the _____ but the ______ finds us
At the center of the prodigal son and who should be the main character, we should become more like him
poor in spirit
admit everything is from God and we are the stewards of God's gifts to us
sermon on the mount or sermon on the plain had :beatitudes, do not take false oaths (let your yes mean yes and your no mean no), eye for an eye (turn the cheek), hate your enemy (pray for those who persecute you), Be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect, two foundations, and golden rule
the second coming of Christ, when his Kingdom will be fully established and his triumph over evil will be complete
union of one's heart and mind with all people,leads to the just distribution of material goods, creates bonds between apposing groups and nations, and leads to the spread of spiritual goods such as a friendship and prayer
we recognize that God is God, and we are not, foundation of prayer
corporal works of mercy
-feed the hungry
-give drink to the thirsty
-shelter the homeless
-clothe the naked
-care for the sick
-help the imprisoned
-bury the dead
spiritual works of mercy
-share knowledge
-give advice
-comfort those who suffer
-correct those who need it
-pray for the living and the dead
makes one liable to judgement