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Adaptation (Biology 1)


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What do plants need to survive?
H2O, CO2, Nutrients
What do plants use Carbon Dioxide for?
Where is it taken into the plant?
The Leaf
What is water used for in plants? Why is it needed?

Where is is taken into the plant?
Photosynthesis, To keep the cells rigid (OSMOSIS), To keep cool.
Though the roots
Why does a plant need nutrients?
Where are they taken through?
To make other plant molecules needed for growth
Dissolved in water through the plants roots.
Name four things plants compete for.
Water, Light, Space, Nutrients
Name three things animals compete for.
Food, Mates, and Territory.
Define: Extremophile
An organism that live in extreme conditions
Give three examples of extreme conditions
High levels of salts, High Temperatures (or low temps), and High pressure.
Define: Adaptation
The process of change in which an organism changes to become better suited to its environment.
Name four ways that animals may have adapted to survive in dry and hot environments
Small with Large extremities to loose more heat
Changes to surface area- e.g longer legs to stay off the ground.
Thin Coat,
Little body fat
Name four ways that Animals may have adapted to survive in cold environments
Large with small extremities to keep more body heat.
More body fat.
Thicker fur.
Name ways plants may have adapted to survive in dry environments.
Changes to surface area- leaves reduce in size to reduce water loss.
Curled Leaves- With stomata on the outside of the curl (moist air is trapped inside and air movement over the stomata is reduced.
Deep Tap root- to collect ground water.
Spread our surface roots- to collect more water.
Small hummock- reduces water loss
How have some plants adapted to survive in poor soil?
They have become Carnivorous, they digest insects for nutrients
Name ways plants may have adapted to survive in heavy rain.
Shiny top surface of leaves- Prevents damage to leaves by helping the rain to drip off it
Drip Tip- Prevents damage by letting the water run off
Divided leaves- Allows the water to run through the leaves
Define: Competition
When animals fight for food, water, shelter or mates. They may not fight directly, but race to get there first.
Define: Intraspecific competition
Competition between the same species
Define: Interspecific Competition
Competition between different species