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hired foreign soldiers

Lord Dunmore's Proclamation

offered freedom to slaves who would fight for the British

Molly Pitcher

Woman who carried water pitchers to soldiers. Real name was Mary Judwig Hays.

William Howe

British Commanding General at the start of the American Revolution. He was at Bunker Hill and also drove the Continental Army off of Long Island.

General Richard Montgomery

A formerly British General, he then led the colonists. He led a successful attack into Montreal, then his attack on Quebec failed and he was killed.


Also called Joseph Brant, Mohawk leader who sided with the British against the colonists.

British Navy

Largest Navy in the world.


a shoulder firearm with a long barrel and a rifled bore. Used for sharpshooting

Africian Americans

Some fought in local militias, but they were banned from the Continental Army

George Washington's first task

Organize and raise more troops for the Continental Army

Colonist Navy

There was none.


A battle which was a British victory where General Montgomery was killed.

Benedict Arnold

Successful American general during the Revolution who fought with Montgomery in Canada.

William Howe's revenge

He won in New York after losing in Boston.

Alexander Graydon

One of those captured by the British on Manhattan Island.

Battle of Trenton

Washington launched a surprise attack on a group of Hessians the morning after Christmas.


Number of Hessians captured at the Battle of Trenton.

Charles Cornwallis

Commander of the British forces in the American War of Independence

Battle of Princeton

American victory in Revolutionary War that helped boost American morale, they left their campired burning to deceive the British.

John Burgoyne

British general who captured Fort Ticonderoga from the Americans but lost at the battle of Saratoga

Battle of Brandywine Creek

Howe vs. Washington; Patriots lost, Howe allowed colonists to retreat but Howe was able to take Philadelphia

Battle of Saratoga

American victory over British troops led by John Burgoyne in 1777 that was the greatest win for the American forces in the Revolution to date.

France and Spain

They were secretly aiding the Patriots.

Bernardo de Galvez

governor of Spanish Louisiana, favored the Patriots, secretly supplied goods to Americans-southwestern frontier

Marquis de Lafayette

Wealthy French soldier who joined General Washington's staff and became a general in the Continental Army.

Friedrich von Stueben

Prussian, Helped train Washington's Troops to march and fight

John Paul Jones

American naval commander in the American Revolution said " I have not yet begun to fight."

Bonhomme Richard

John Paul Jones's ship

Valley Forge

the site where George Washington and his troops endured a harsh winter without proper food, shelter, or clothing

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