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ID's and PPE's

American ship involved in supplying Canadian rebels that was sunk by British forces, sparking an international crisis between Britain and the United States


Outbreak of fighting between American and Canadian lumberjacks over disputed Maine boundary

Aroostook War

Antislavery Whigs who strongly opposed the annexation of Texas as a conspiracy by the slave power

Conscience Whigs

Northern boundary of Oregon territory jointly occupied with Britain, advocated by Democratic party and others as the desired line of American expansion

54 degrees 40'

Two thousand mile long path along which thousands of Americans journeyed to the Willamette Valley in the 1840s

Oregon Trail

The widespread American belief that God had ordained the United States to occupy all the territory of North America

Manifest Destiny

Small antislavery party that took enough votes from Henry Clay to cost him the election of 1844

Liberty Party

Reduced tariff law sponsored by President Polk's secretary of the Treasury that produced substantial revenue and bolstered the U.S. economy

Walker Tariff

Rich Mexican province that Polk was determined to buy and Mexico refused to sell


River that Mexico claimed as the Texas-Mexico Boundary, crossed by Taylor's troops in 1846

Neuces River

Resolution offered b Congressman Abraham Lincoln demanding to know the precise location where Mexicans had allegedly shed American blood on American soil

Spot Resolutions

Short-lived west Coast republic proclaimed by American rebels against Mexican rule just before the arrival of U.S. troops in the province

California Bear Flag Republic

Site of major victory by American troops under Zachary Taylor over Mexican troops under Santa Anna

Buena Vista

Treaty ending Mexican War and granting vast territories to the United States

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Controversial Amendment, which passed the House but not the Senate, stipulating that slaver should be forbidden in all territory acquired from Mexico

Wilmot Proviso

Leader Elected vice president on the Whig ticket who spent most of his presidency in bitter feuds with his fellow Whigs

John Tyler

Leader of Senate Whigs and unsuccessful presidential candidate against Polk in 1844

Henry Clay

Clash between Canadians and Americans over disputed timber country

Aroostook War

Whig leader and secretary of state who negotiated an end to Maine boundary dispute in 1842

Daniel Webster

Independent nation that was the object of British, Mexican, and French scheming in the early 1840s


Congressional author of the spot resolutions criticizing the Mexican War

Abraham Lincoln

"Old Fuss and Feathers," whose conquest of Mexico City brought U.S. victory in the Mexican War

Winfield Scott

Long-winded American diplomat who negotiated the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

Nicholas Trist

Claimed by United States as southern boundary of Texas

Rio Grande

Dashing explorer/adventurer who led the overthrow of Mexican rule in California after war broke out

John C. Fremont

Mexican military leader who failed to stop humiliating American invasion of his country

Santa Anna

American military hero who invaded northern Mexico from Texas in 1846-1847

Zachary Taylor

Congressional author of resolution forbidding slavery in territory acquired from Mexico

David Wilmot

Dark-horse presidential winner in 1844 who effectively carried out ambitious expansionist campaign plans

James K. Polk

Northwestern territory in dispute between Britain and United States, subject of Manifest Destiny rhetoric in 1844


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