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  1. reflection
  2. Slide
  3. Acute angle
  4. skew
  5. Congruent
  1. a a lin eon a plane is like a mirror. A geometric figure is flipped over on the other side of the line
  2. b less than 90*
  3. c Having the exact same shape or size
  4. d A Translation
  5. e lines that are not on the same plane and do not intersect but they aren't parallel

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  1. reflection, translation, rotation and dilation are examples.
  2. rotation
  3. have a common vertex and a common side but no common interior points
  4. Two lines in the same plane that are the same distance apart and will NEVER touch.
  5. Two lines that intersect to form right angles

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  1. supplementaryexactly 90*


  2. Dilationturning a figure around a fixed point


  3. Obtuse anglemore than 90 but less than 180


  4. Straight angleexactly 90*


  5. complementaryexactly 180*