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  1. rotation
  2. reflection
  3. skew
  4. Intersection
  5. Ray
  1. a A line that starts at a point and goes on forever in one direction.
  2. b The point at which two or more lines intersect or cross
  3. c a lin eon a plane is like a mirror. A geometric figure is flipped over on the other side of the line
  4. d lines that are not on the same plane and do not intersect but they aren't parallel
  5. e turning a figure around a fixed point

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  1. exactly 180*
  2. A reflection
  3. changes the size of a figure
  4. have a common vertex and a common side but no common interior points
  5. Having the exact same shape or size

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  1. Acute angleless than 90*


  2. Perpendicularcommon end point of two rays


  3. transformationreflection, translation, rotation and dilation are examples.


  4. Right angleexactly 90*


  5. Obtuse angleless than 90*