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  1. hypnosis
  2. stage 4 sleep
  3. cocktail party effect
  4. latent content
  5. posthypnotic suggestions
  1. a ability to attend to only one voice among many
  2. b sleep walk or sleep talk, wet the bed, (dont dream in this stage), hard to awaken
  3. c suggestions to be carried out after the hypnosis session has ended
  4. d dreams about our drives and wishes (inaprop if expressed directly)
  5. e triggers repressed events and memories

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  1. maps, north south east west, mile-age
  2. aggressive, manipulate 3d space better, less hormones, excel at math and computation, lateral thinkers, physically stronger
  3. sensitivity to small changes in stimuli (tapping of pen) women have more sensitivity
  4. to renew our energy
  5. more negative dreams, set indoors, are the victims, feel emotional pain more, revolve around family and home

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  1. circadian rhythmhe biological clock; regular bodily rhythms that occur on a 24-hour cycle


  2. manifest contentdreams about our days events


  3. gender norminglowering a standard for women. ex: military, less push ups. ex: firefighters, help with hose and ladders


  4. " child behind the class barrier"girl: cried uses language (left brain)
    boy: tried to knock it down (aggressive-right brain), visual and spacial, manipulating 3D space


  5. effects of sleep deprivationsleepiness, irritability, diminished immunity to disease, short attention span/moments of inattention