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  1. consciousness
  2. men directions
  3. stage 3 sleep
  4. narcolepsy
  5. " child behind the class barrier"
  1. a a selective attention to ongoing perception, thoughts and feelings
  2. b girl: cried uses language (left brain)
    boy: tried to knock it down (aggressive-right brain), visual and spacial, manipulating 3D space
  3. c maps, north south east west, mile-age
  4. d transitional stage
  5. e periodic overwhelming sleepiness in which the person collapses directly into a brief period of REM sleep

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  1. 20 minutes, burst of brainwave activity
  2. at any moment awareness is focused on only a limited aspect of all that we are capable of experiencing
  3. sensitivity to small changes in stimuli (tapping of pen) women have more sensitivity
  4. reoccurring problems falling and/ or staying asleep
    cause: stress anxiety. cure: melatonin, lunesta, ambien
  5. triggers repressed events and memories

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  1. information processing functiona thoery, dreams help sift, sort, and fix in memory our day's experiences


  2. females- more left brainedfeel deeply-more in touch with their emotions, superior communication skills, better in spoken and written language, more fearful, depressed and tense, bilateral thinkers


  3. stage 4 sleep20 minutes, burst of brainwave activity


  4. gender norminglowering a standard for women. ex: military, less push ups. ex: firefighters, help with hose and ladders


  5. women directionsmaps, north south east west, mile-age